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Which Halloween Event Was Your Favorite?

Halloween 2k3 - Trick or Treat 0.06453323903819 6.5% [ 365 ]
Halloween 2k4 - Labtech X and Zombies 0.082036775106082 8.2% [ 464 ]
Halloween 2k5 - Grunnies 0.10678925035361 10.7% [ 604 ]
Halloween 2k6 - Invasion of the Zurg 0.054278642149929 5.4% [ 307 ]
Halloween 2k7 - Von Helsons 0.086280056577086 8.6% [ 488 ]
Halloween 2k8 - Human v Dark Elf v Vampire v Zombie 0.17804101838755 17.8% [ 1007 ]
Halloween 2k9 - S.I.N v B.O.O. 0.16637199434229 16.6% [ 941 ]
Halloween 2k10 - Grave Danger 0.12340876944837 12.3% [ 698 ]
Halloween 2k11 - Masquerade/Moonrise 0.10378359264498 10.4% [ 587 ]
Halloween 2k12 - The Don 0.034476661951909 3.4% [ 195 ]
Total Votes:[ 5656 ]
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Vampire Enthusiast Allie's avatar

Celebrating Vampire

13,400 Points
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  • Invisibility 100
  • Survivor 150
Grave Danger all the way guys x)
sofi_151's avatar

Quotable Codger

8,450 Points
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  • Invisibility 100
  • Lavish Tipper 200
I mostly use an iPad so I would agree that whatever you choose to do, make it accessible both with and without using flash! I love zOMG and forum events as well!
sugary pixels's avatar


I'd have to say Grunnies. When I think Halloween event, that is the event I think of. It was so much fun! And grunnies are cute. emotion_kirakira
Chaos Dirge's avatar

Dangerous Genius

I think of the grunnies.
Kassavdra's avatar

Obsessive Bibliophile

23,650 Points
  • Alchemy Level 10 100
  • Noble Shade 100
  • Wintersday Bard 50
So far last year's is the lowest rated. Glad to know I am not the only person who thought it was lame.
It was my first Halloween, and I was really disappointed after hearing about previous years.
Kitalpha Hart's avatar

Feline Phantom

9,500 Points
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  • Cool Cat 500
  • Partygoer 500
My first one was 2k8, in which I first became a dark elf (went purple as soon as they had it), that was fun
Played 2k9, don't remember it, other than the potatoverseer skin that I want to get rid of
Past that, none of really interested me. I just trick-or-treat now
Lance Warmhearth's avatar

Gracious Beau

Moonrise! I was a wolf through out the whole thing, except for the first day.
The inclusion of the multiple races (zombie, dark elf, etc.) really made that year enjoyable for me, and continues to add to my experience here.
MlZARY's avatar

Feral Lunatic

I'd have to say the grunnies, I have always loved grunnies!
But if not that then zombies all the way! gonk
Lucifer aka Fallen Angel's avatar

Unholy Assailant

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gaia_angelleft gaia_star gaia_nitemareright
I must say I really enjoyed the Von Helsons and the Boo vs Sin events. However it would be nice to know if Gino is still alive and go back to the way it was on 03/04 when the events centered around the Gambino's
Toppaware's avatar

Wheezing Gekko

SIN vs BOO was definitely my all time favorite.
Akuyi's avatar

Fluffy Hunter

None...just bring back/KEEP Jack event in zOMG
Belethiel 's avatar

Devoted Knight

14,600 Points
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  • Tycoon 200
  • Mark Twain 100
I liked S.I.N vs B.O.O the best. It was my first Halloween event and it had a nice plot. I would like this year's even to connect to it again, that plot needs to get wrapped up in... at least the next two years. Man, Gaia's comic updates slowly. :/

Moonrise was fun, too. I liked the flashspace, kicking wolf (or human) a**, and I earned some nice items.

I disliked Grave Danger very much. I liked the ideas behind Grave Danger. I liked the event items too. The NPC interaction was fun. The problem with that event was that it did not connect to Gaia's plotline at all, which was kind of weird and annoying. Ghosts just aren't very Gaian.

I liked last year's event, but I'm tired of forum-based events. I like forum elements in events, but that one was too reliant on the forums and I did not participate because I didn't understand the rules. :/
QueenMoonDream's avatar

Melodious Vampire

10,200 Points
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  • Informer 100
  • Person of Interest 200
The Masquerade was fun, but I want something new this year. So please, surprise me Gaia.

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