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Which side did you choose?

Vampires! 0.50474898236092 50.5% [ 372 ]
Elves! 0.28358208955224 28.4% [ 209 ]
Undecided. :P 0.21166892808684 21.2% [ 156 ]
Total Votes:[ 737 ]
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Hygienic Prophet

Since I felt a bit of an affinity with the Vonpires due to them being undead as well, I chose them. Kuro's style is nice, but this new fish (pun intended) strikes me as somewhat malodorous... We'll see how he fares. The thing with being undead is that you only have to fear the necrophiliacs.
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Handsome Gaian

I choose dark elves side just because the pin looks better than the vampire team's pin biggrin
swordangel05's avatar


Vampires since I cant make a dark elf avi on the spot.
I looked at every entry in the storyline manga again, and I tallied up all the misdeeds caused by the vampires and the dark elves. I realize now that my previous statement, "The vampires have caused far more trouble" is somewhat untrue.

The Von Helsons have:
Made attempts on Johnny Gambino's and Ian's lives (Zhivago was the sniper, right?), killed Rosalie, and made the initial threats against Gino and some of the other shopkeepers. I've seen other people argue that all the problems on Gaia are an extension of Vladimir Von Helson being unable to keep it in his pants, but that's up to debate.

The Kuro Gang have:
Killed Johnny Gambino and a handful of minor vampire assassins, given orders to kill Gino Gambino as well as Edmund, Nicolae, Crecento, Louie, Sentinel and Overseer, killed/attacked many of the minor gods, and blew up H.R. Wesley. Presumably, all this has to do with avenging(?) Luca and Cordell's mother, which may turn out to be a completely harmless fulfillment of Mama Elf's wishes, or the worst race war/genocidal attempt to ever happen on Gaia.

(As a side question: Why are those minor minion vamps working for the dark elves in the first place? Is it because of Louie or Ian or something else I overlooked?)

Either way, even though the elves are actually the worse agressors in this situation, I'd still side with them. Something gives me the feeling that things aren't as they seem, and the elves aren't that bad. I'd only change my mind if they laid a finger on Nicolae or Cresento.
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Dangerous Gekko

I followed Fraco the fish
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Hygienic Lunatic

So has anyone else sided with the dark elves because they are "evil"? I see all this talk about who is the lesser of two evils. Let's face it, every good story needs an antagonist. I will see war in this event if by the gods I have to do it myself. twisted

-throws raunchy slander at the vampires- That's right. I called you blood suckers a bunch of skanks. What you gonna do about it? Put 'em up!
<[I choose the Ewves because my master choose them. Pwus my wast owner was a dark Ewf..]

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Unbeatable Genius

Even though I don't much care for "gaia vampires" or the way gaia handles portraying vampires, I still went with the vampires. Purely because I think the Dark Elves (or at least, the Kuro aspect of it, thus far) are even more emo than the vampires. When you candidates are "Emo" and "Even whiner Emo", I tend to choose the lesser evil annoyance.
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went with kuro...ive had the dark elf skin on for years haha...not following the manga at all though, ive been to busy, so im a bit confused, ill have to read a bit not
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I chose to side with the vampires. Even though I typically avoid the undead, I've been a fan of Louie and Ian--and Rufus,too--ever since I first joined Gaia. The only problem is that I don't read the manga that much, so I don't know all the details.
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Magical Fairy

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.... the dark elves. i had this avatar before the event even began.
and also since i am one.
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I didn't know what side to pick for a while, both sides don't exactly have a clean records. But after mulling it over I picked dark elves.
They seem to be a better and fresher choice than choosing the vampires, who feel like old news and a little over done.
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I choose Vampire because I am a fan of Von Helson. Besides Vampires are one of my favorite monster, well at least Bram Stoker's, Anne Rice and Charlaine Harris version.
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I chose Vampires because... I had no choice. >_> Either them, or follow a pretty manic fellow who wants to do who-knows-what~ Either way, it's bound to be fun right?

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