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Which side did you choose?

Vampires! 0.50474898236092 50.5% [ 372 ]
Elves! 0.28358208955224 28.4% [ 209 ]
Undecided. :P 0.21166892808684 21.2% [ 156 ]
Total Votes:[ 737 ]
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Kawaii Sweetheart

Did you go with:
User Image or User Image__
Franco "The Fish" or Countess Ambrosia?

I chose Countess Ambrosia. ;3
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Shy Conversationalist

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I dont really like either.. Elves or Vampires..
But.. Louie.. > // > ;;
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Kawaii Sweetheart

Louie is a cutie-patootie though, so I understand.
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Scholarly Storyteller

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According to Franco's item description in the MP, he's a flake and not even loyal to Kuro. LOLLLLLLLL!!! All ya'll elves are fu-
*chokes on spit*
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O.G. Gaian

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Durem Dark Elf

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Originally I had planned on joining the Vampires, because I hate Don Kuro so much. However I have learned that "The Fish" isn't the most loyal of sorts, so now I'm reconcidering... LET ME JOIN YOU IN YOUR BETRAYAL, THE FISH!

And just because because I can... team Shinrabanshou.
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Dapper Vampire

Been loyal to the vampires ever since Halloween 2k7, so it was a no-brainer for me.
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Blessed Seeker

Always on the side of vampires, so Countess Ambrosia- simply because of Louie.
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Heroic Lunatic

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Loyal Lover

Dat Elf is lookin' Sexy. emotion_dowant But I went on two of my mules and chose each side and I liked the pin for the vampires better.
Since the pins are soulbound ((for now?)) I'd rather wear the pin for the majority of the event then the one for Dark elves. Vampires has a nice look. Dark Elves' look fat and chunky.

Although I don't much care for vampires, I do enjoy the Von Helson sisters. emotion_dowant
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Kawaii Sweetheart

I should have read up a bit more on "The Fish". o;
It may have actually changed my decision on joining the vampires~
But maybe not.
I want awesome, sexy vampire garb. D:<
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Dangerous Citizen

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Wait The Fish isnt loyal to Don Kuro?!
Damn it!
I would have gone with him if i knew that!
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Dapper Darling

I haven't been following the Manga at all for a long time, but as soon as Franco's letter started prattling on about being "divinely ordained" you know he's nuttier than squirrel shite.

Vampires it is!
I Sinistro I's avatar


I went with the Dark Elves! Gotta stay loyal to my people! <3

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