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Unbeatable Ladykiller

I rarely dress up. I'm just too lazy. I did dress up for the masquerade last year and I had a red and white avatar for Valentine's Day, but I'm pretty terrible at making avatars so I usually don't bother. It takes too long for me to come up with anything decent.
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Fashionable Warlord

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I dress my avvie up for events; and usually to correspond with the seasons. Typically in summer you'll see her in less clothing than winter, which gives me the excuse to use furs and bulky items to make her all soft-looking and warm * v*
I'm enjoying my witch costume right now, but I might change soon anyhow. I put on my elf skin for the event (I was gonna side with the vamps; accidentally picked the elves and now, well, what the hay, let's do this thing) so I might try to dress more...like...an elf? (...do they have like a dress code i mean mostly i see like white and gold so >>; )
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Witty Lunatic

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You guys all look wonderful.
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Fanatical Visionary

I try to change my avi based somewhat on holidays; today I 100% unintentionally dressed appropriately for Heralds of Chaos, but I've worn this for almost a week waiting for Halloween.

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Enduring Shapeshifter

The bigger holidays I will, like Halloween and Christmas.

When it comes to Halloween though I try to make my costume.. well.. look like a costume lol.
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well i'm always a dark elf mrgreen so i didn't have to make myself elvish. I've just expressed my elvishness more with some of my halloween avis this year.

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Feral Pup

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Events and holidays push me out of my zone and get me dressed up, I love it. Especially Halloween and Christmas,

Though I couldn't make myself turn Oswin into a dark elf or vampire. She's a werewolf through and through
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Fashionable Fatcat

This is my halloween avatar. I don't really adapt my avatar to events, so no dark elf skin for me, but I can do a bit more creepy than usual! emotion_dowant

I can just imagine the backstory for this girl! She's a very loving murderer.. wink

. I love it!!
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Eloquent Lunatic

I threw a dark elf avatar together for the event, and my mule is a vampire. But they're siding with the opposite faction. XD
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Beloved Perfectionist

every halloween my beautiful flower avi turns toxic 3nodding
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Dangerous Sex Symbol

My avatar is Halloween themed year round, so dressing up this time of year is nothing new for me.
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Aekea Nerd

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I usually dress up in event specific outfits for all the events, but this year for Halloween I decided to be Lady Loki. Because Loki is awesome. And I may be slightly obsessed. ninja
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Dangerous Sex Symbol

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I'm going to try something different this halloween, and aim for a super cute avatar. Pastels, adorable!

Mainly because this avi is almost always halloween themed anyway.

I just hope there's something great to quest for in this month's RIG
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Man-Hungry Cub

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I wasn't planning on making a themed avi for this Halloween but then I accidentally the whole dark elf potion. eek
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Eloquent Lunatic

Changed my mind. I'm Mama Kuro now. biggrin

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