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I'm sure with Halloween and the Event fast approaching, you're all getting your avatars prepared; our avatars really are the way we immerse ourselves in Gaia's culture and plot.

I have made myself a Dark Elf avi for the sole purpose of immersing myself in the event, and I see a lot of you have done the same thing.

So, during the holidays, do you use your avatar as a gateway into Gaia's plotline?
Do you try to make an AT worthy perfectly matching mishmash of holiday colors?
Do you actually dress your avi up as a monster as per halloween tradition?

What does halloween on Gaia really mean to you? Its a lot different than Halloween IRL simply due to the fact that our avatars are already fantastical, so we really have to step it up!
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The only holiday I dress my avatar for is Christmas, and that isn't a spectacular change to what it normally is.
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          It's hard, because Halloween is what made me realize I like making creatures, so I make them year round....I even do creepy-ish avis fairly often. So I guess I just go for more specific themes. But yes, usually monsters during Halloween.
          I only dress up for events if they really interest me. Like I dressed up for my team in the Rejected Olympics but I doubt I'll dress up as a vampire since I don't feel strongly about them (and I feel more like a dark elf at heart, if only I could change).
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I usually have a themed avatar for halloween. This year I haven't really felt like making a proper themed avi, so instead I'm just going to use these gouged out eyes.

Although when I do make halloween avatars, they don't have anything to do with whichever event is going on that year, they're just my avatar dressed as a witch, or wearing orange or being a creepy spider monster or something.
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I can't really decide how Pen would dress up for this year's event
I mean there's no changing her base because then she's not herself
which seems to be the way people are going dressing up this event

So this year I'm just gonna make a lot of Halloween (mainly cosplay) avis
but I've switched out of one of my Halloween ones for a Pokemon one
because this Sunday yeah!~

I usually do like to dress to fit the event theme when it can though
Like during the Olympics I only wore red/black items for Durem
It depends. If I love the plot idea for the event, I'll make my avi based around the team I'm on. If not, I just gather some of my Halloween items from previous years and make something decent.

Right now, I'm waiting for something to get fixed so I can finally put my dark elf avi together. -A-;
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Well, I have to admit that I LOVE making event avis .When it was time for the Olympics , I fondly remember that I was clad in a proud Aekean . And now, for Halloween , it is the same. I feel even more prone to doing this , since the given plot let us really have a chosen role for once , and not just a drifting Gaian between countless .
This is why I also love transforming those event avis in OCs that find their way in the plot and let me really get into the events .
It ' s also because I seem to be unable to make a good Halloween -themed avatar .

P.S : I love your art it ' s so cute ! The Don ' s face of you hugging him made me crack up XD !
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I don't dress myself up for the events, usually. I dress myself up for the holiday.

This year, I'm gonna be a Kamen Rider! Yeeeeeeeeeeeah!


Two of my three staple year round avis already fit with the Halloween them. I have my candycorn themed zombie and my current ghost avi. I added some red to my ghost avi for the upcoming Halloween battle. xd
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I kind of just dress my avatar whenever I want. I usually do something for Halloween, but I'm kind of attached to my current avatar. Hmm...curse my lack of free outfit slots.
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This is my halloween avatar. I don't really adapt my avatar to events, so no dark elf skin for me, but I can do a bit more creepy than usual! emotion_dowant

I can just imagine the backstory for this girl! She's a very loving murderer.. wink
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I'll throw something event appropriate on once it gets under way. Although I did find a bee suit when I was moving stuff in my storage. I might pop that on. Everybody loves bee suits right? emotion_awesome

Right now I'll just stick to my usual looks, casual and bloody.
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I almost always dress up for the Halloween events. Sometimes I'll dress up for the summer ones, but very rarely do I dress up for anything else.
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This year. . . I've no idea what I'm going to be (on Gaia). I might just dress up in my Kuro Gang get-up. But I've really NO frakken clue. Maybe I'll just be a Monster, or something? IDK.

I don't really dress up for the plotline, but I do try to incorporate what's going on into the role play(s) that I'm in to keep it interesting. As for the Holiday stuff. . I really don't dress up much for it, but I think this year I might actually make a Christmas one. . If I stop being a lazy arse.

Halloween on Gaia means more fun for me because I get to go trick or treating on here for items, and I get to hang out with my Guildmates more, and I just get to dress up. I love dressing up. I'm thinking on throwing a Halloween party in one of my Guilds. That should be fun!
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Honestly my gaian Halloween costumes are usually completely random I do have some vampire avatars set up for when the event officially starts but for now I think I'll run around as a pumpkin xd

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