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Sparkling Miko

It's also my 9th year (December 4th) this year.

I joined when I was 14, I'm 22 now (23 in August if the math doesn't make sense for you).

I also feel like I've grown up with Gaia. It's had its high points, its low points, and yet it's I'm still here.
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i'm an '05er, and that means i joined gaia when i was.. 14?

it kinda blows me away to think of it, but i've been here for 7.5 years.
time flies when you're having fun, i guess.

i watched gaia change so much it's scary, but i changed as well.
i went from being an obnoxious newbie to growing up into a decent human being, and the way i've headed; gaia will see me into my thirties!

i mean what's another 7-8 years?
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I started on Gaia around 17, now 24, from high school to navy corpsman, gaia has always been there. I met my fiance here, i got year long friends that i met here. and a good escape when the going gets tough. I wish they wouldn't change it so much since it feels they take away part of the gaian magic, but i think ill be staying around for the long run,
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Moonlight Girl

My memorable experience would have to be meeting my best friend on here. She is amazing and we have such a laugh together. We have had good times and it's a shame that her life now is busy. I don't see her much anymore. I miss her. She popped on yesterday though to say ''hi'' to me. That was lovely as well as a nice surprise.
Mistaken Life

I've been here pretty much since the start of everything. I've seen this site go from a small niche anime avatar forum with a link list to tons of different places to a facebook-esque avatar site with a massive varied culture.

While Gaia itself hasn't changed me entirely, it's influenced numerous points in my life (such as fashion)

Overall, I hope the site stays around for at least another 9 years-and stays interesting.
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I've been on Gaia since late '04, when I was 14. I'm now 21. It's weird that I've been here so long. I've met a few pretty cool people, and reconnected with an old friend here. Back when I was in junior high/high school, I was a lot more involved and talked to lots of different people, it seems like now I'm mostly just here because I wouldn't know what else to do with my free time, lol. I don't think being here has really changed me, but I'm sure I would have been at least somewhat different if I had never joined.
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I joined in 03 when I was around 15 I think. I'm 25 now.

I can't believe how much Gaia has changed, but mainly I can't believe I've stuck around for so long, usually I get bored of forums and stuff but here I am. A solid lurker for many many years. I don't think I can add any other details to what I've noticed changing over the years, seems like we have that covered in this thread already.

One of the best gifts Gaia has given me the inspiration to develop my art skills. I started doing avatar art in 2004 and while I don't consider myself amazing by any means I;ve carved myself out an interesting style, something which has gone on to make me a bit of money in real life. Thanks Gaia!
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Shy Gaian

Let's see, been here since the Summer of '07.
I saw the whole site change only a few weeks after I joined.
Watched zOMG! get launched, OMGpop come into play (and now leave)
The CS started, and really took a big hit
GS updates went further and further into the hole (Sure, their more lovely, but ********. Not enouuugh)
BG started, and I can still remember before they nerfed the tanks.

I know theres more, but thats all I can think of.
Gaia basically became an everyday thing for me. I can still remember when we had dial up, and I had to disconnect the internet so my dad could call me and ask how I was doing everyday around 12 30.
If I got back from school early? Onto Gaia I went.
I had a crappy flip phone when phones first were able to get internet on them and I remember wanting to go onto gaia so badly that I got on it on my phone.

That was nearly impossible.
joined in '06 and was...14 at that time (:
got bored and went to hiatus for a few times along the way but I kept coming back.

I remember how bad it was to make gold, felt so rich when I could afford a 1k item emotion_dowant
oooh, and I do remember whole zOMG story too! never thought it would really happen, even after they released some screenshots and this zOMG profile/site/whatever it is with a lot of info...

without gaia I wouldn't propably started drawing as much...I'm never gonna leave :'D
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Seven years I've been here and it's far beyond anything imagined back in the day. I still remember people asking if we'll ever get the MMO. Funny thing, just like back then we still don't have any official backwings I don't think.
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I was already in my early twenties when I joined in January 2006. I can't say I grew up with this site, but I've witnessed plenty of critical and important changes nonetheless.
Joined at age thirteen, will be twenty this year. Wow, Gaia was a part of about half of my teenage life (the other half was when I sorta forgot about it).
It's quite sweet seeing the connection some people have had with Gaia over the years. I remember browsing Gaia a few years back but never paying much attention. On the other hand, I feel that Gaia has certainly been a fun outlet for conversations and discussions on such an array of topics.
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I only been here 5 years. It has been fun to be here. I never thought a site could make me stay for so long and it will for many years to come if it still online. Wish I could have started at least on 06. Would have been funny, fun, fun.
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Been here since August 2003 and have seen most of the changes as well. And I hung out in the GGW fanthreads! XD THREAD POWWWWWER!

I had a similar memorable experience, I created and ran the first (user made) Halloween Party back in 2003 and was so excited when it was made an announcement. It's funny because I joined this site originally to go to a gaia wedding that some acquaintances on livejournal had mentioned. I've been hooked ever since. wink

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