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I've grown up with gaia, its a little bit ridiculous to think that this year it will be...my ninth year here I believe?
I think that's right.... *counts on fingers*....
It changed from one of the most ridiculously laggy sites, to something truly unexpected.

I watched one of the Gaia staff go from what was this tiny anime themed forum site to designing a really awesome game (skullgirls <3). emotion_zombie

I witnessed Zomg! go from simple worded ideas, to blueprints, to a full on functioning game.

I experienced the avatar items go from mediocre and flat to...detailed works of art. In fact, its almost a bit sad that I've been here for so long, and there's still so many items I can't even begin to afford. Darn you for continuing to make ridiculous amounts of amazing items! emotion_0A0

I think my most memorable experience here is when I started the Gaians Gone Wild fanclub many a summer ago. I'm sure some of you remember it, the games were only announced all the time. yum_bacon Even after I had to let someone else take over so I could start to focus on my future, it lived on. Its definitely my best achievement here, I never dreamed some silly fanclub idea I dreamed up simply because the GCD was going through its "fanclub phase" would because one of the most popular things on here for a good amount of time, I was really shocked. emotion_kirakira

I am 19 years old now and I have truly grow up with Gaia. I've had Gaia through all the hardships in my life, through all my illnesses, and financially difficult times as the rest of America is going though right now.
I've always had Gaia to help inspire me, its what made me a really good artist and a really amazing pixel artist. Its also one of the main things that has influenced me to become an ESL teacher.

gaia_nitemareleft -------------------------------------------- gaia_nitemareright
So, how long have you been here on Gaia?
What have you witness change?
Whats your most memorable experience here so far?
Has it influenced your life, and if so, in what way?
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....I've been here almost 9 years too, but I was almost 21 when I joined.

I feel more like I've watched the rise and fall of an empire.
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inb4 underaged b&.-lol-

Well, I have been here since Jan 04, And it's been a blast.

And in three years, we'll have a third Gaian in our house, when my oldest turns 13.
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Ridley Starsmore
inb4 underaged b&.-lol-

Well, I have been here since Jan 04, And it's been a blast.

And in three years, we'll have a third Gaian in our house, when my oldest turns 13.
I feel that once I have kids, if I'm still here when they are 13, that I will have been an active member here FAR too long. XD
Especially when I don't plan to have any until after a get my bachelors and become a certified teacher and bringing home enough bacon to afford them, which will be in 5 or so more years. Soooooooo... if I'm still here when any children I have turn 13, I think I should be forced to retire from the site, since that will be 25 or more years by then.
Lazarus Larkin
....I've been here almost 9 years too, but I was almost 21 when I joined.

I feel more like I've watched the rise and fall of an empire.

i've been playing since 6th grade.. so 7ish years. but all off and on. so my opinion doesnt count much.
still, can't help but agree with this razz
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Almost been here 8 years myself,... I think. 2004, right?

I witnessed the rise and fall of the Manga, the great Grunny invasion of 2005, NPC journals and old ways of telling a story fade. I've seen artists come, artists go, and (saddest of all) I've seen no more VO. Fleep has gone, I don't hear much from Loki anymore, and a lot of my friends have all abandoned ship... I've been ready to join them for a while now too but... something keeps pulling me back. I love this place, The Jack VS Santa Manga was what got me thinking about being a better artist, the old devs of this site practically raised me in my childhood, regardless of direct contact or not.

The changes to this site have caused me to grow defensive when they try to alter the layout or drift further away from the original visual foundation of Gaia Online. Any time a new character is introduced, I instantly hate them, any time an important NPC is ignored, I get frustrated.

But what Gaia did teach me was patience.
I grew patient when each manga page took 3 hours to be released.
I grew patient waiting monthly for new items.
I grew patient earning gold to look better.
I grew patient of stupidity because of the GD.
I grew patient when my sig was locked.
Above all, I was taught that if we waited long enough, we would receive something to reward our loyalty and patience, be it a hard event or a delayed one. My patience has however has been wearing thin with the current atmosphere... but that's neither here nor there.

This place has influenced me so much in my youth... It gave me purpose. It gave me a place to be.
Gaia was my life... and if I ever manage to work here, I want to make other people feel the same way. I want others who want this place or a place like this to have somewhere to thrive.
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i've been here 7 years--oh my, this place has changed.

but i've changed too. I went from a spastic 14 year old that overused smilies to a mature 21 year old woman that barely uses them at all. rofl

but seriously, gaia's been a big part of my life, and i hope it continues to be that way for at least a few more years to go.
This thread deserves the classic "Ornate" post. I truly appreciate seeing stuff like this on here.

Gaia is more or less nearing the ends of its ropes with me. I'm barely hanging on. I've pretty much shut myself down and made me totally private, clearing friends lists, etc. Its nearing the end for me in just a few more easy steps.

I've had some wonderful memories on this site. I was introduced to it in 03 for a short period of time, but it wasn't until my freshman year of high school back in 06 I made a permanent account and began to get involved. since then, the events that have taken place, the late nights chatting, establishing friends, though only temporary, in towns and having a blast, sharing items and Zomg game plays with IRL friends, etc. I could honestly go on and on. It is amazing to see how much it has grown as I have grown.

they say things you grow up with that have made a significant impact in your life never go away. Even when I shut and lock the doors, will I return many years later? I do not know.

My best memories lay within in Towns. specifically 001050 center square.
I've been on Gaia for 6 years
It has influenced and was literally the start of how I communicated, learned about forums, etc. on the internet.
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almost 6 years here damn I went from a weaboo to a genius
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Been here since 2005, back when I was 15 and still in High School. I saw many things change, from the shops, to the games, to the NPCs themselves! I've been here for a very long time and I don't think I'll be leaving anytime soon. XD And I think meeting all the wonderful people I've talked to and being able to get so many prettyful things and being able to dress up my avatar. :'3
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Ridley Starsmore
inb4 underaged b&.-lol-

Well, I have been here since Jan 04, And it's been a blast.

And in three years, we'll have a third Gaian in our house, when my oldest turns 13.

Make his/her's username be Ridley Starsmore Junior. emotion_kirakira
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Joined in 2005 when I was an adult lol. I wouldn't say I have grown up on here. I did get married while on here. I have learned my online fashion sense if much better than my RL one.
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mistaken- heart

i still remember that first game, watching it and using the chat on ustream. and you had the crazy idea to make the thread. xd


this is my 6th year on gaia.. well when the halloween event arrives. but gaia has been here for me, thick and thin. i made so many friendships... gaia is a part of my life and even though i may facepalm at the hilarity in the forums or how things seem so boring now, i still love gaia. even if i only lurk nowadays or too lazy to even say a word. xd

off topic:
omg gaia! when are we getting out ggw avatar items??????!!!! emotion_donotwant
/off topic
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I've been here since the start of 2006, I was about 22 at that time.
I feel really old now.
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I've been here since the beginning of '04 (having just turned 14 in January that year), so I suppose I've seen about as much as you have. Gaia's personals ads probably being the funniest, in retrospect. lol

It's hard to say what specific impact it's had on me, or whether or not it even has, but going on nine years of my life now (currently 22 years old), I'm sure it's contributed something down the line.

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