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I've always loved red and black. They go together well and it's probably my favourite colour combination (how stereotypically emo of me).
But recently I've started to develop a love of purple, pastel shades of purple too.

The only colours I struggle to work with are pinks, greens (because they can be so awkward to match) and cream, god damn that cream, it's all too frilly for my tastes. emotion_donotwant
Brown can be hard sometimes too.
Though I've never seen anyone make an orange avatar...do we even have any decent orange items that match? I've never looked. XD
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Slick Southpaw
Hated? I hate no colours, all are good. Especially the rainbow, it makes a good bridge.
I mostly agree.

....Cept for pink xd

Pink is the best colour of all time.
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Tiny Darling

I'm not very good at making avatars with orange or purple. I have nothing against the colors, I just can't use them to save my life. When I use green, its mostly as an accent color rather than the main color of my avatar.
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IRL Traveler

I cannot make an avi using brown at all. They just come out some terrible thing ;_;

I try my best to work with every other color besides that. I've gotten better at making green avis that don't look like shrubbery...but only a couple hehe

Usually I avoid buying pastel items as I prefer more vivid colors, but it's not some set rule, there are always items I've found to be exceptions. (Usually I pick up froufrou pastel reis if i can get for <300k just because it is on the whole more poses and versatile for a good price compared to a 4 pose rig item that costs more)

I am a crazy person for blue, teal and all variants though. Seriously, I can't get enough blue into my invo, always want more.
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I don't like purple, green or orange. Most of my avatars tend to be pastel, dark, or brown.
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I'm not fond of salmon pink and most neon colors. I don't hate any of those colors but they hurt my eyes.
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I absolutely refuse to use pink for some reason.

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