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I don't really stray far from black and white or red and
black.. sometimes pinks. I don't know if there are colors
I really hate more so than suck at using or making into a
nice avatar..

I try using browns or light, creamy colors but I prefer darker
tones and blacks mostly.. xD

the rats in the c e l l a r you know who you are
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If it isn't obvious, I love blue sweatdrop . It's odd because it wasn't my favorite color at first but eventually I've started to use it more and more to the point I'm like "Oh hell might as well make it official."

I don't really dislike any colors. But I cannot work purple for the life of me. I tried too but I can't. All the purple items I have are such different shades that I can't even make a coherent outfit with it. And that's sad :c
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But what are they?
I would have to say orange and green.

Why is it that you shy away from certain colors
Orange is always difficult to do on this site. You always end up looking you are dressed up for Halloween. And when they actually give a red-orange colored item, it always hard to make because of the lack of that color floating around in other items, but also it still leans you in the direction of "Autumn" feeling. When the leaves change colors.

Green is frustrating because it always fall under the same genres. Neon-Punk green or Earthly/Elvish green.

Colors vs Shades
I love that crimson red in the CN Scarf & Rapturous Union , but I hate that shitty red on Magical Girl.
I love the green in Zodiacal , but I am not much of a fan of the green they put on cheap and common items.
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I personally can't stand too many orange/yellow combos, but one of my best avatars ever in my opinion was mostly orange and yellow with bits of red and white. The three colors I can't really stand and it does the best. Wut?

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Shy Gaian

I don't think green isn't my color either. I just never wear it, the same with orange and purple. I use to think that pink wasn't my color and that I would never use it but I use pink a lot now...
I use to use black all. the. time. but now even black doesn't look right on me...

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The only colors I hate on Gaia are the ugly female cream items that only match each other. Annoying as hell. Oh and the yellowish bone color, so impossible to match to anything.
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I love deep shades of blue. Most of my items fall within that range. I'm also a big fan of that magenta color in the Rosamund items. And you can never go wrong with solid black. One color that I just cannot work with is pastel pink. I've never made an avatar solely focused on that color and I don't think I ever will, it's just not me. sweatdrop
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Smitten Warlord

My avatar always has a fair amount of red on it so pure green takes things into Christmas elf territory pretty easily. orz Too much color clash and it's hard on my eyes, too. I think mints and turquoises aren't so bad though. Which is good because I love mint and turquoise almost as much as red. whee Other than that, I just don't care for cream and avoid using it.
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I don't really like purple. My favorite color is light pink but I don't like the overuse of it.
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Lavish Shapeshifter

To be honest, I never really liked green either.
I actually made this avatar today & I honestly love it.

I agree: the reason why I don't like certain colours is because there is a lack of
them in the same shade. Sure, there might me tons worth of purple colours, but
it's always so hard to find the perfect shade that compliments each other.
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I don't do well with orange.

... Hisss.

As for why.. I dunno! I don't find it a very attractive colour, especially clothing wise. It's a wonderful colour for fruit though.

Suffice to say, I hate thinking up Halloween avatars that are more traditional halloween-ey and not just cosplay.

As for favourites.. white, black, & red are the main three, though I don't mind other colours. I actually really like that nice lime/spring green colour, that dull purple my avatar is wearing currently, that pinkish red from the saint ciel's, the creams, the aqua from Zodiacal and that navy blue from one of the ciel recolours too XP
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Manly Lunatic

Hated? I hate no colours, all are good. Especially the rainbow, it makes a good bridge.
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    I really neglect green in my inventory, but I'm slowly adding some while getting rid of most of my black clothing. Black is such a draining color on me. I use to accent nowadays, not as the main color.

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Pierced Member

Hated? I hate no colours, all are good. Especially the rainbow, it makes a good bridge.
I mostly agree.

....Cept for pink xd
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Blessed Seeker

Favorite colors: Recently, it's green. Brown soon follows after it along with yellow and orange.
The reason being that I love the feel of 'organic' colors. Nature as a whole comes in the full spectrum but I love the trees/sunset vibe. In the right shades, it can seem clean, crisp, and fresh.

Hated: I don't hate any color. Not even the shades of black and white and anything in between. In fact, I LOVE shades.

Why is it that you shy away from certain colors?
Funny enough, in regards to avatars on Gaia, I try not to wear anything dark like black and reds.
I like to portray my belief in God and bring people in to see my profile or to get to know me so that they are at least reminded of His love for them.

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