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Fashionable Gaian

I dislike black.
A lot.
I tried making a avatar with it and... no just no xD
I like to stick to my pastel colours cool
Pretty much any colour except black I'm comfortable with.
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Bright, like overly bright and pastels are turn offs for me. I can do it, but I rather like bold colours and deep tones.

I like natural tones too, like the animal skins or the earthy items.
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Feline Bookworm

Whenever there's a colour I rarely use/don't really get on
well with, I make it my goal to make an avatar out of it.
I'm working on making an avatar that uses the puffy afro
hair from DandiiDooDad Spore at the moment, as that shade
of green is one I particularly shy away from. A colour I had
some trouble with in the past was brown so I made a pretty
pink and brown squirrel avatar that I thought was quite cute.

One colour I absolutely despise inside and outside of Gaia is
gold. I was absolutely determined to never be seen dead in it,
so naturally I had to see what I could come up with. I think I
wore it for about a day at the Gaia Prom thing in 2O1O.

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Gracious Smoker

I don't really like purple here because most purple items are like a weird hue of purple mixed with some blue. I don't really know what it is.

I tend to love deep reds and blacks, as well as dark blues. heart
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Dapper Dabbler

I hate that green either comes in pastel/mint... or neon.
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Kawaii Striker

Not a fan of pink.....
that's kinda about it though
pastel pink I can stand, I like pastels
but a lot of shades I find super icky

then again I love dressing in cream so...

I don't generally have a lot of green items though
so it's always kinda hard to make green avatars
I don't have any real dislike of the color or anything
but unless it's like a toxic green I generally don't care to get it

I really love purple but Gaia's so finicky with their purple shades
I'm trying to keep a balance of colors in my inventory these days
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Grey scale (Black and White) with a single colour (Excluding backgrounds) is my thang I've never been good with colour in both RL and Online.
I like a lot of colors. emotion_kirakira

Uhm, purple is not one of my most favorites. If I had to pick a single least favorite general color, I'd probably say purple. Though I think it's one of the easier ones to work with on this site, I'm just not a huge fan. I think that's partially because I don't like the way purple of any shade looks with any other color. The way a color looks around other colors is typically what makes or breaks it for me. PINK is a color that I actually really like, but I never use it on Gaia. I am a fan of the warmer, orangey sort of pinks.. but pink is another color that I get picky about when it comes to putting it with other colors. I don't think pink and red look good together, particularly, so that pretty much kills it for me. I couldn't not use red anymore, so.. yep. I also don't really like any pastel color. I am a fan of saturated colors, really, though I think that's obvious. I think adding black to a color can be really lovely, but I do not feel that way about white being added to a color. I think the former adds depth, but the latter.. I don't know, pastels somehow manage to be soft and feathery but still massively abrasive to my eyes.

I'd say blue is my favorite color, easily. I love the way it looks with red especially. And I just think all the colors bleeding into each other on the color wheel from blue to red - taking the long way around, not going through purple - are lovely together. Hence.. my current avatar.

It also just occurred to me that some of those colors I stay away from, like pink and purple, I stay away from for thematic reasons. Nasyiri is an elemental mage, and I like for her outfits to reflect that. The colors she typically wears tend to resemble water and fire, and sometimes plant life. Pink and purple do seem like magicy colors, but not really like elemental magicy colors.. if that makes any sense.
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I don't have a problem with purple (it's in my name after all).

I tend to shy away from creams, pastels and yellow. I like solid, vibrant colors. Though I will admit that the only time green enters my palette is in March and orange only in October. Otherwise I tend toward reds, blues, purples, browns, greys, whites, and blacks. And for metallics I stick with gold and silver. I don't really use bronze or copper.
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I generally don't like orange, but there're some orange items I adore, like those free Sunkist sleeves. I don't like neon green or most browns either. There're a lot of great brown items, fortunately.
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I'm just sick of pastels. We have waaaay too many pastels.
I'm also not fun of the neon/punk style.

I'd like to see more gemstone colors, the deeper hues. And indigo. Because I love indigo. wink
And green like in the spring nymph tree.

          Everything about this.
          I'd also like to see more brown items.
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I love Greens and oranges! But both are hard to find matching shades of on this site. As such, I tend to lean away from orange even though I like it.

Colors I tend to NEVER use are pinks, mints and pastels. The MAIN reason for this is not only that its kinda not as challenging to match stuff for an outfit but because an overabundance of them are extremely frilly. Like they have poofy-ness, Lolita-ness, or over abundances of lace-like details among other things.

And in a non-discriminating fashion, almost all leg mods, regardless of color I don't use....Well, unless I'm cross-dressing Sylabus for fun ^_^
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Questionable Shapeshifter

Yellow. Working in a cancer ward IRL it's the shade most patients of mine turn into before they die.
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❝ I guess I really like earthy tones.

But I also LOVE those bright, loud colors too.

And sometimes I'll end up buying really loud items, and then find out I can't make anything with it... ❞
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Agile Glitch

My favorite color is brown, any shade of brown is nice to me.

There really isn't a color I hate or shy away from though (maybe because I like to do art and leave my options open to what colors that could bring out the best of what I want). The only reason I may not get a specific kind of color is because I don't have any other kinds of colored items that'd go with it, and don't want to bother buying a whole set just to match one color. I don't typically spend a lot of time on the site to make a lot of gold to do that.

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