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But I still tried to make an avi with it and I think I did pretty good!

So GCD it goes without saying, we all have our favorite/hated colors. But what are they?

I'm not a huge fan or purple or green, but my invo has a fair share of both colors.

Why is it that you shy away from certain colors? Is it a lack of items? I wish someone would make a color list of all the items on Gaia. I still feel like cream doesn't show up a lot despite recent favoritism.

So discuss, GCD:
Colors vs Shades which gets the short end of the stick?
Bolded part
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Well in my opinion its not the colour that has been lacking but the themed used for colours.
Green items are usually associated with nature or holiday themed items. Blues are either navy, sea, royalty themed. etc.

I never shied away from colours, its the theme I am making myself closed minded
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I just don't like pastels (the exception probably being that lavender colour that's been popping up more lately).
When it comes to bright intense colours, nothing really I don't like, though I do have a tendency to use more black, white and red than anything else.

I generally wish for more good items in green and purple (that fit the current shades we already have items of).
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I have a lot of purples, but they are all slightly different shades, and nothing I make with them seem "right" whee

My green items just sit there, I don't want to sell them because I like the items, I just never really wear them...

Same goes for my collection of mint and orange items.
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I only ever wear blue on my avatars, I can't help it gonk
I even thought starting to wear black/darker blue recently was a *+*huge development*+* for me lol!

I can't imagine straying too far outside of my comfort zone though sweatdrop
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I love using all colors (as you can see by my signature), though I especially have a fondness towards pretty shades of blue/teal/purple.
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I can't think of specific colors that I don't usually use, but like mentioned before, it's all about the color's theme and poses. For me, these colors shouldn't be stereotyped on the themes we're having (black and red tend to be goth/emo, pastels for cute).
My only complaint on these colors is that some of them are way too overdone (I'm looking at you cream, pink, purple, white, baby blue and all pastels and neon colors), and some aren't much done (deep colors like teal, blood red, magenta, emerald green).
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I'm just sick of pastels. We have waaaay too many pastels.
I'm also not fond of the neon/punk style.

I'd like to see more gemstone colors, the deeper hues. And indigo. Because I love indigo. wink
And green like in the spring nymph tree.
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Purple, yellow, and orange almost never show up on my avi. Purple because I hate the color with a burning passion, and the other two because I don't use them and can't think of any combinations with them. I like more muted colors so they're just not going to show up. That's probably why you won't see any reds on here either, unless they're just accents.
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Honestly it depends on the item. I bought The Lovers just so I could use the dress to match the Berserk Conjuror wig, because I think it's the most adorable wig ever. Though, the rest of my invo revolves around purple-teals like Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy, Brave Temperence, and Dalnim, because I love those and think they're pretty. However I don't see myself wearing warm earthy colors like oranges, browns, and greens.

I'd say specific colors get the short end of the stick. Purples in particular are usually this nice solid
██ or ██ but things that don't quite match that such as ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ and ██ end up sitting slightly more obscure since there's nothing to really match them.
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I can't use purple. I've just never been able to make it work. neutral
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Green is my colour but when we actually get an item that is green the shade is never something flattering to my character. Pukey brown-greens, mint greens and neon yellow-greens seem to be all the artists have in their paintbox.
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I shy away from brown because I don't have enough nice matching browns. I like to wear all colors, and wish there where just more colors in certain odd shades that only exist in one or two items. The only color I hate is that bright yellow, it's so yellow and anxiety ridden. However I only won't wear it in real life.

Hey artists, can we get some more brown pants like the dapper dandy pant with the stripe going down them. I'd like some nice darker khaki cargo pants.
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I guess I'm with the majority here, I can't do pastels OR purple.

Pastels are ugly and look dumb on someone such as meeee.

As for purple, mine don't match. I like purple and I have purple but hardly any of them match. And this marroon-ypurple color like the Bacchus which is a pain in the a**. Same goes to maroon itself.

s**t's hard, man.
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Nobody likes purple, go figure.

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