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I think a good portion of my wishlist is gold shop items. lol I don't really know what's GS and what's CS items in my inventory (unless it's an EI). Umm... would have to say shoes and hats are my faves though. I heart my Coal Black Rivet Boots. I bought almost every color of the Fabulous Pumps and use them quite a lot. Funny as I don't go shoe crazy in real life, but on Gaia it's a different story. lol I have noticed that I've been oohing and ahhing a lot lately over the GS updates. I'm glad that the CS isn't getting all of the good stuff. lol
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Most of the time my avatar is 60-70% Gold Shop items, but I rarely if ever use ONLY GS items. It's surprising the amount of themes Gold Shops cover, but then just mix and matching you can cover pretty much any theme you want using Gold Shop items. I always look forward to GS updates each month- often more than I look forward to MC's!!

My favourite item in.. All of them! There's too many to choose. Special mention can go to the Granny Cardigan, but I only have one colour of it (even though it's soooo cuuuute) so it's not really my favourite favourite.
Wait do eyes count? It's a tie for brown inquisitive eyes and yellow fierce eyes.
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I've always used GS items to accessorize.
My favorites are the reversible bracelet/pins set.
...Funny that I'm not using them now, but usually, I would be. XD
I definitely have more GS items than CS. I can't really afford the latter too often.
However, I do heavily depend on the CS items I do have to make up the majority of my outfits.
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My favorite gold shop item ever is: THE CIG. b***h got banned and still going strong.

I have not lost contact with the gold shop items. I still look forward for their updates and still regularly check up some of the items and see if they would fit outfits I've created.

I own more gold shop items than any EI/RIG/MC items. My amount of RIG items are catching up on my gold items though, but still my gold shop items just finish the look of my many avatars. I can't form outfits without those shops (I probably could but it wouldn't be as nice...).

Don't even get me started on the shoes back then. Ugh, the colors. THE SIZES. WHAT WERE WE THINKING.

I don't know about a gold shop staple besides the cig. I'm guessing those reversible bracelets are one too. I love those bracelets, everyone has those. EVERYONE WHO IS COOL.
My inventory is like 80% from the gold shop.
Haha. Look at my outfit! XD

I guess I like gold shop stuff because I can't buy cash
and CS items are quite expensive translated to gold in the MP. O_O

And I'm already satisfied with the looks of the GS items.
I guess I like dressing my avi as a simple, plain folk.
And I just add CS items as accents.

I really think the newer GS items are better pixelled.
But then again, some stuff from back then are still better than the other options.

I really am in love with these sets:
- Reversible hairpins (I almost always wear these! Perfect accents)
- Buttoned Down set (The boots and the shirt are really nice)
- Sweet Lace set (I love lolita fashion)
- Picnic set (The hat and the dress)
- The new school uniforms are also nicely done.
- The Granny Cardigans and the Teacher Cardigans
- This Puft jacket I'm wearing.
and a lot more....

I guess I really am a gold shop junkie. emotion_yatta
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Fav Gold Shop item?
Easy. Dark Elf Sets from Barton Boutique.
Soo much goodness. Caaat in suuuuit.
*regains composure*
Yeah Dark Elf stuff, I like the store in general.

Didn't even know that cute cat poncho existed until this cutie pie pointed it out.

I dunno why I forgot about the gold shop, but I have to say right before I saw this thread I went on a small spending spree. Bought so many cute items and a whole set of shoes.
Favorite gold shop item, that's tough. The Decora Dress Shoes and my eyes from the salon.
I think the eyes they have now in the shops are fantastic.
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I like the boots from the gold shops but most of my outfits need something else that the gold shop items don't have.

The new GS items definitely have better quality than the old ones.
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I prefer goldshop shoes biggrin
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I like a lot of the gold shop items, but I very rarely wear an entire outfit of them. I do love the new stuff that came out in CrosStich though. I bought a bunch of that last night, though right now I'm still trying to figure out what to wear with everything.

Most of my outfits are a combination of gold shop and cash shop items. Even if there's just one or two gold shop items, nothing I wear is entirely cash shop. Cash shop just doesn't give the accessories I need. Or the gloves. Or the belts.

Favorite gold shop items are the 90s gloves, leather belts, peasant gloves, dancer cuffs, reversible bracelets/hairpins, the new starter stuff that was just released recently, the serafuku stuff, and that adorable cat poncho and ghost mask from Halloween.
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Yeah like 75% of my inventory is gold shop items
I never even use 10% of them on a regular basis
but I can't help myself crying

Favorite stuff?
Gloves of any variant, ribbon sleeves, maid collar, and meido headbands
and probably tons more, there's a ton of sweet stuff there
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I don't think that I could make an avatar without using at least a couple gold shop items. They tend to make great accessories. My personal favorites are the Haoris and Shinto Priest's Jackets. They're so bulky and simple. emotion_kirakira

My one problem with gold shops has to be the fact that there are very few arm/legmods there. And, like, NO human mods. The few that I remember the gold shops having are more creature-esque.
Daniel has Amnesia
I rarely ever use gold shop items.

I like to make up my outfits entirely with expensive things if I can help it.

I guess I'm just extravagant like that

You know what I think?? I think that the gold goes to fast. And plus every month Gaia is always advertising something new every month n then the prices raise up high...
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Favorite Gold Shop items ever?!
Right now? The rough jeans. They work with almost any casual wear - like a manly counterpart to the skinny jeans everyone is so up and about over. And tank tops. Skates are pretty great at winter

Have you lost contact with the gold shops with all the influx of the many cash items?
No, I shop almost exclusively in gold shops because of the great influx of cash items. I can't muster the care to keep up with the cash stuff so I divided my efforts thusly:
Free cash from watching videos goes to pay the occasional cash item (usually bundles or stuff like that)
Gold goes to pay for gold shop staple items that I've somehow missed to buy over the years.

How much of Gold Shop items do you actually use now in comparison to RIG/MC/EI items?
Depends. During events I have to dress up a bit of course, going out in public and everything, but I prefer casual wear from day to day and the gold shops are infinitely superior when it comes to casual wear. Throw on a wig and some accessories and look at me looking average.

Compare old Gold shop items to newer ones: for example, how horrible were gold shops shoes way back when? ARGH!
These shoes are probably from the "way back then" era - it's from the old pages in the Jock Strap and I think they look pretty OK. Some things are better than others. Among old junk there's the rough set, the outlaw biker set, the upside down tops, the musketeer tops and the romani set. Most items of course have a better quality now than then, but sometimes I feel like many new items just look plastic and a little too clean. That's when it's time to go rough and outlaw.

Gold shop staples, do they still exist? (anyone remember when everyone had to have fairy wings and Baos OAO )
Oh fu- yes I remember those. And buckteeth. Of course I remember. Have them somewhere in the inventory of my first account. Only wear them for nostalgia (and then mostly the wings). I recall the doll ears (the Chobits knock-off) were quite popular too?
I'm quite sure that these pants are my staples now.
ssj shuya
    Man.. people keep pointing out all these positive things about the female avatars.

    Makes me really consider switching. gonk xd
Female avatars work better in a lot of cosplays. A lot of boys in anime and games are slender looking, such as Sora from Kingdom Hearts. Suits female base much better. (:
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    I'll be honest, I don't understand how people can only wear MCs/EIs/RIG items exclusively. I find that gold shop items add some interest to an outfit, they can take a really fancy outfit and tone it down to make it less dramatic. I don't know about everyone else but my staples are the same as my favourite items and include leg warmers, high school/university skirt, tights/stockings, Complex shirts, old lady cadigans, bras/panties, wool top, gloves and food items! I'd like to say my items are split 50/50 with the gold shop and shiny items but I'm not completely sure. Either way though, I feel like gold shop items with my avatar make an outfit but shining items enhance it; both are needed and neither is used exclusively. I can never solely commit myself to either gold shop or shining items but I do look forward to the former updates more, I get really giddy when I can search Rina's and find new baked goods. 4laugh When there's no update, I sometimes peek through the shops to try on old items I can use — the quality wasn't that bad... some items were hideous but overall some old items can still blend well with the pixelation of current items.

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