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Gold shops? They have those now?
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There really has been a nice uptick in the quality of gold shop items of late. I usually use the gold shop shoes and accessories the most, though my current outfit lacks a item from the shops.

My favorite gold shop item..hum...the picnic sun dresses I guess? They layer great under other things, very simple and useful, also the coat you're wearing, that brisk coat is pretty awesome.
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Gold shops? They have those now?

Eh. Every now and then they pop up.
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Lately, I've been attempting to use more gold shop items in my outfits. It's difficult though. Using gold shop items that are not basics like socks or shoes, make my outfits turn out simpler than what I would like

My favourite gold shop item is probably my White Stockings. I've had them ever since I joined and use them in almost all outfits. <3
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I find it hard to make an avatar without gold shop items. Hell, Sal wouldn't look like Sal if he wasn't wearing his auto-mail, sharaku nose and long elf ears. My favorite basics like the Delinquent shirts and many many boots all come from the gold shop.

I would definitely say the quality of items has gotten much better since I started way back in 07. Even the Starter items. One can make a nice looking avatar without even hitting the MP or cash shop.
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I too try to limit the number of CS items in my outfits unless I like a particular MC or CS outfit so much I try to buy the whole thing, like Black Widow.
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Stop! Get thee behind me! talk2hand Anytime I browse the gold shops I end up spending wads of gold and my inventory explodes with reversible hairpins and mystic brooches and every colour of some shoe or other. Don't tempt me mad
......too late, just spent 41k.... gonk
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I love gold shop stuff. I thought the Juvenile delinquent vests they just brought out were smashing and bought several colors.

Overall I think the coloring of the gold shops gets better year after year; but with the variety of stuff coming out I don't think there are any 'gotta-haves' because you can find so many different styles of the same thing in various locations.

I usually wear several gold shop items per avi. Though sometimes it is fewer or more depending on the look I am going for.
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I love the gold shops! They have been coming out with real nice things lately, several even rivaling the quality of cash items. The amount of gold shop items I use in my avi fluctuates, something I go through periods where I only have really detailed avis, and most of the gold shop items are simpler. But then some of my favorite outfits are almost completely gold-shop items, and many times I use gold items to give my avi that "finishing touch". Every time there is a gold shop update I end up buying half the items, and there are several items I own every color of (like the honeymoon camisoles, they are so nice!).

Also, the gold shop has some awesome eyes in every color. Thats way better than those doll eyes that only come in 1-2 colors and cost millions.
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Fav Gold Shop item?
Easy. Dark Elf Sets from Barton Boutique.
Soo much goodness. Caaat in suuuuit.
*regains composure*
Yeah Dark Elf stuff, I like the store in general.
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Shoes, the best shoes for me tend to be ones from gold shops.
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WOW. Really, GCD? xD

I'm really excited when gold shop updates, because if you noticed my older account's avi's, Bunsuu, the majority of the items I wore were gold shop.

a) Because I'm cheap and I don't have that much gold
b) because you can do so many THINGS with the items! And they usually have things in a multitude of colors, so that's good for my-attempted-matching-ness. o3o
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Preaching to the choir here = )

(well, not that you can tell by my current avatar... but I usually wear mostly gold shop items.)
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i LOVE the new starter glitzy items!!!!! heart

and the satin sleep masks in ruby's rack? they are gorgeous
I loves me some gold shop staples. My inventory is full of them! Great bases/blending for outfits >:3

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