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I can't believe they're taking out some of the items! How am I supposed to decide what to craft next?!

It annoys me, because they already had limited items.. apparently. :/

They did; Her Twilight, which I managed to make in time, and some pink thing I can't remember the name of that I didn't particularly care for. I would've appreciated knowing from the start that they were going to pull these ones so that I don't feel so rushed now, but I guess it could have been an on-the-spot decision.

It sucks, because my computer was dead during those days, which meant that I never got a change to craft the blue Her Item. I could care less for the pink one.

I don't like limited items in this crafting thing. :/ Charms are already hard enough to get.

I guess that's just how they encourage people to buy charm packs instead of relying on the free hand-outs. *shrug*
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Well, at least they made an announcement they were taking those items out. I hope the Kurola won't cost diamonds when it comes back, or at least doesn't cost as many ^^;. But... I doubt it.

At least McFly and Pale Lady aren't being taken out yet, I want to get those for the hair pose(s) they have. That and the new Trickster is kind of nice.

EDIT: And her Devilry. I really want to get one of it as well :3.
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      i'm really disheartened they're removing kurola sad
      it's my quest, and i was only 7 diamonds/wildcards away from completing it!!
      so now unless by some miracle i manage to get the seven final charms, i'll probably never get it (since i think that when they put it back, the formula will have been increased ugh) crying

      on the plus side the new trickster is quite nice!
      and at least they announced it.
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So.. what's in the Maid for You bundle in the GoFusion thing?
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man! and i thought unless they aren't limited, they'd be there forever @_@

i just crafted these white duet wings and keiko's triffle. they're a so-so in my like list. i mean i won't craft them until i don't find the new items pleasing... kinda like a reserve. that announcement made me craft them right now because i'm pretty sure when they return. they'd be more expensive.

on the plus side, the new baron item is nice. i like the trickster item but i wish they recolored it in a darker shade of anything other than pink XD
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I was planning on a Keiko item. So New Management just suddenly states everything in GoFusion is now limited? Gee, wonder why.

I wonder what else 'too good to be true' features we will be getting in the future, if Gaia can last long enough.

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