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Gash Thrashum
I have to laugh at some of the optimism here that Gaia will give users a way to craft items without spending GC.

There are people left with just a shred of hope.
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If it's only GC I'll pass on it.
I just hope the items are affordable in the MP later..User Image
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Ok, so I tried it and I had to spend $11.50 (10-pack + one extra) to grab the [Animal] item...obviously, it wasn't worth it considering [Animal] items are only priced that high if they're re-releases of super rare RIG drops.

I'd see the appeal if the gems were a lot less expensive (between 49 and 99 GC a pack) of if gems were acquired for "free" after every purchase (ex: spending $10 in the Cash Shop = "Thank you! You received 5 gems.") Making it an incentive to buy or a way to use spare GC would have been cool. Selling them for that price? Not so much.

Basically, that was my first and last GOFusion purchase.

although I know i shouldn't be hopeful it will be easy to earn the gem...
still if it can be earned through free way, then people can get the item in there somehow.
also it has no relation to the mp, so it won't go up in price is a good motivation.

You CAN buy and sell the gem packs on the MP. Just find someone nice enough to buy you a gem pack for gold.
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Gash Thrashum
I have to laugh at some of the optimism here that Gaia will give users a way to craft items without spending GC.

There are people left with just a shred of hope.

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Putting it in THAT perspective just makes it so much worse.

For $10, you can buy a piece of an item, rather than a bundle with several.

Where's the logic in this again?

Gaia thinks we have so much money that we don't know what to do with it? lol
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              i do like a handful of the items but... cash based? really?
              this would've made an amazing goldsink of sorts and i would actually want to try it out if it was gold based

              but the charm packs not exactly being cheap and getting random charms at that? i'll pass.

It's like RIG, but you get 1/20 of an item each time. @@

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              1/20 of an item?

I just used a random number; I meant that each time you buy one pack only gets your a small fraction of what's needed to get one item, contrary to RIG that you get a whole item each time.

That's a good point. Unfortunately with the odds as they are, one wonders what the point is. sad I'd rather stick to buying regular items as they are.
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Still having trouble listing the gems on the mp.

It seems diamond gems are the rarest, I only received one out of two ten packs.
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Yep... It's another total (and pretty shamelessly so-) cash-grab. stare

That said, as a wing collector they did get a little money out of me with it.... and it took pretty much exactly as many packs to get the gems for the black and white wing sets for Al and Shade as I expected it would, based on wild cards and blue diamonds being the "rare" bits.

All-in-all, it looks like the better items will probably work out to about the same amount of cash (or a little more, depending on your luck-) as Gaia would try to charge if they put the items directly into the cash shop.

In other words, if you want anything fancy from that list... You're going to pay through the nose. (And now that I have the only things I was interested in, I'm done with it. So no more milking THIS cow. blaugh )
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That's exactly the point x ox; it's supposed to make people spend more for less, I don't even wanna calculate how much some of those items cost XD; based on the number of gems and that we only get about 3 for each 1.5$...

We've already have items from the Cash Shop that costs more for less. So it's kinda pointless to make another one to spend more money for less item. I will admit I'm not good at marketing, trying to figure out how much is it for what. However, it doesn't take a genius to figure out what's going on. But if someone is willing to spend the money to get all the items (one or two is alright, but more than five?), then I don't know if the person is gullible or doesn't give a crud about his/her money. emotion_facepalm

It's kind of like Neopet's crafting faerie, but I think Neopets requires less items.

It really makes you wonder how much money Gaia thinks we have. emo

To be honest, I don't have a Neopet account, so I don't know anything about Neopet except you own pets as well as how terrible the censorship is. sweatdrop

As for the money part, I'm pretty sure Gaia think we're still cash cow, milking our money to them until we ran out despite that they know so well that we are also withholding our money.
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I'm interested in the new halos but i doubt i'll be able to participate because its mainly GC = (low on GC atm)

This GoFusion really seems like a game of chance of whether or not the user will be able to get the really rare charms in order to craft the items.
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I really want these items:
Bull King
Sunflower Petal
and the Longbows
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Ughhh I see things I know I'll want....but these charms. Are they tradeable? If they are not those that cannot get cs Items won't be able to "craft" anything. Probably will have to buy the items/gems directly off the MP and I know how that is going to be.

I already see stuff I want OTL
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It was exactly as I predicted in yesterday's leak thread. Like almost exactly word for word.

I'm not touching it. Not even with an 10m pole. dramallama
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I'm not too crazy about this update tbh. Considering that one pack gives you three random charms, and some items need 100 heart charms and more of the others, you'd have to buy at least four of the ten packs (for a grand smacking total of $40) in order to make that one item. And that's if your lucky. Because it's a chance system, you'd likely have to buy many more packs than that in order to get all of the specific charms you need.

Nope. Nope. Nope.

It's a horrendous investment all around.

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