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`I c e y

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Do you smell it?
That smell.
That kind of smelly smell
The smelly smell that smells

Anchovies? gonk
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what's inside?

From the Cash Shop thingies this thread is about, you get currency for this new GoFusion feature.

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so there are backgrounds based on previous chance item headers?
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after looking at the items...
why would anyone actually spend money to do this

some of them are nice, but not nice enough to warrant spending a ton of money for the chance of something good.

Also does this mean they're scrapping alchemy?
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I want Rumble Hero to show up in the MP so I can see the Choppery cuteness. Oh nevermind you can try them on right there. It is indeed cute and Choppery.

Most of this looks like super expensive cash shop type stuff that will probably be super expensive to craft. Hopefully there will be a non-cash way to get the ingredients so I won't have to just ignore it.
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I sense a failure to add fish...
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Another feature nobody asked for that is used to suck out money from us.
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woa,, that's really expensive to use features. I do't know how could someone collect 100 gems when 30 random gems already cost you 20$. By logic, it would be much cheaper to buy the actual product than making it via GoFusion.

and the lower tier items doesn't looks that worth it to buy with Gcash. They're actually looks like gold shop items!
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I want Princess Golden Fan, the Golden Lips, and the backgrounds, but I don't know that I like them enough to spend $10+ for a chance to get the charms to get them. sad That's silly, Gaia... I guess this is a feature I'll ignore, too, since cash shop updates are hard enough to get items from.
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Thanks a lot Gaia for making it that much suckier to have a thing for blue emo
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Am I the only one who wants to scream

"NO! GOD NO! ******** GOD DAMMIT NO!!"

Just another pay to play feature I won't be participating in. Have fun, everyone else.
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Oh, great. They're holding an [Animal] item hostage. |8

update: Tried it. Bough $10 worth of gem packs. Still don't have enough to craft the item. [******** this feature.
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Yen Quest
Lady Cres
Yeah, I know.

Impulse decisions...
Still, thank you for the "in name of science". xD

Yeah, it was SCIENCE.
Blinding you with SCIENCE.

Anyway, I've listed the following:
User Image
User Image
User Image
User Image
User Image
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I spy a dragon...crap now I have to do it for my collection.
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It would have been nice if they had updated the alchemy feature we already have with these items instead. . .

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