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Considering that one pack gives you three random charms,.

UP TO three charms... I had quite a few that only gave me one or two. Threes were actually quite rare.

It just keeps going from bad to worse even without me being full blown cynical!

This is off topic, but I love your character design and all of the sig art you have of her.

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only wanted kurola the most but the numbers of charms needed is just insane =_=;
Sounds like another lame attempt to fleece people of their $$. Thats all gaia knows how to do these days
The system makes perfect sense. Spend more money to have the right to spend extra time gathering up stuff to make an item that would have cost far less if it was directly placed in the CS shop.

It seems like something the CS spenders will eat right up.
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I'd buy this actually happening. /sigh.
And of course, that one person has zero vested interest in the company, right? A completely objective third party.
Nathan Shepard
Don't they have, like, test groups? Sample audiences? Anyone who said, well, maybe this isn't an amazing plan . . .?
Anyone? Bueller?

Test Group A.....

All but one of us feel that this is a bad idea Gaia.
That one guy over there loves it though and plans to spend lots of money in it.

(Gaia heads back and discusses)
That one guy plans to spend lots of money. lets go with what he wants. Screw the
ones that don't plan to pay.

Feature gets released then.

0 -o
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Another "meh" feature for me. This paves another level of disparity between cash and non-cash buying users.
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This is off topic, but I love your character design and all of the sig art you have of her.

Thank you very much! I've been working hard lately on quite a few characters.

I'm currently working on a Dragon-Troll Halfling named Becker. I'm hoping to finish his character sheet today so I can get to working Bellecoso's by the end of this week, depending on my paid work orders.
...so throw cash. To get chance at charms, hope you gotten the right amount or pay more,then turn them into items....why?
Why didn't they just put them in rigs? Half the items aren't worth being "cash" payment/fusion items.
Glasses that can be in a gold shop? Recolor of bear set? That's cash shop domain. I can't see throwing $10+ to try to make a "shiney little halo". Only see one or two items that good, but STILL just slap them into a rig or cash shop and just stop trying to be edgy and new, gaia.

I hope this feature just fail miserably. Doesn't get updated. Just to show that people don't want to waste cash on feature that can't be usable to any budget or allow gaians to participate in crafting.
I would say I'm disappointed, but minute I click onto the "get more" and was sent to the cash shop, I was not the least bit overcome with emotions. Just...bored and unsurprising.
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Jisen Meizuki
Maybe I'm just irritable, but I feel like recently every move Gaia made recently were designed to piss us off (at least those of us who don't have a lot of discretionary income). Seriously, aren't most Gaia users either students or newly graduates? What makes the marketing team thinks we have that much money spend on pixels.

I guess companies these days don't give a crap about their target audience's buying power.

I don't blame you for feel irritated, I'm pretty sure most of the people, including myself feel the same. Heck, with any decision Gaia made, I think 1 out of 10 decision makes the user happy. >.>;

I remember there was a thread that asked the users' age using Gaia, and based on the poll, most of the people are either in college or already graduated from college. And even though those are the type of people that have jobs, even they don't spend as much money on Gaia. After all, they have other things that are important such as bills, rent, gas, and food. We have priorities that are important than pixel item being on limited time.

And even though I'm aware that Gaia has priorities too such as trying to reach the marketing tier in order to keep Gaia online, what they kinda fail is how to appeal the audience. Because if the customers are not happy, what makes them think they will continue investing money?

Maybe this is why they are trying so hard to come up with new schemes to tempt us into spending money. :
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-looks at all the items that I'll never have-

Dark cannot moose.

This would be an amazing thing for gold though with the random packs and all.

Speaking of which, we need more ways to gamble with our gold. I know we have the various CI's in Loyal's but we need something more.
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Look at Gaia screwing up another potential fun thing lol

This is even worst than tinierme in a way.

Lmao Gaia better give a lot of free crap out for Thai in the future or lower the costs of those charms cause no way in hell I'm gonna pay that much. Ever.

And why is it to hard to release maybe even a portion of that thing for gold use, huh?

Edit: it's sad too. I was forever in love with peyo's tales background so I would really want that thing. And there's quite a few nice items in there, it's a sad gamble u____u

If that 10packs go on sal for 50%, it might be worth it

edit 2: oh wow, bull king. those pants fits a chinese themed avi im making right now and it makes me sad
also peyo's reading spot, why does it have to be the avi facing towards the tree.... that makes no sense
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what fresh hell is this?
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Never using my cash with this feature. Ever.
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A bit expensive, but I didn't expect better emo

I hope they implement a way to earn charms on the site, maybe one random charm a day or something, or grant 1 of each during events along with the wing stickers.
It's too expensive otherwise.

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