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UPDATE 11/25/2012: This game has been glitchy since the beginning, but I think it's gotten worse. I keep shooting 200 lbs. worth of food but not passing on; this has happened 4 time in a row instead of the occasional glitch. Keep reporting in; hopefully a dev sees it or we just ride it out.

Devin got to announce something! It's fun so far! BUT WHY ARE THE THINGS I'M SHOOTING SO CUTE?! gonk

ACHIEVEMENT: You must complete all five levels, shooting at least 200 lbs of food at each level. It can be all meat, all veggies, or a combination of both.

GAME TIPS: You have to shoot multiple times to kill the foodstuffs (the amount varies per foodstuff). This weight/point list is in ascending order, courtesy of Acid Wishes:

0/immune to attack - Rock Puppy
0 - Cloud
5 - Tumbleweed
25 - Crab, Lemon
40 - Hedgehog (bread)
45 - Grunny, Corn, Mushroom
60 - Fish, Pumpkin
65 - Deer, Salad
90 - Gwee, Vulture, Flaming Pepper, Soybean From Hell
100 - Turkey/Tofurkey, Big Foot, Buffalo, Mashed Potatoes, Pie

Soybeans are ridiculously hard to shoot; don't bother. Rock puppies and Clouds won't give you anything. To save bullets, once you shoot 200 lbs of food, stop and save ammo for the next round. And try to use up only 20 bullets a round. Thanks to immortal cookies, Calelith, and B u n n i B u m s for the info!

TICKETS & REWARDS: These are the same kind you get from the gambling games on Isle de Gambino. You also receive the words Thankful, Deadeye, Vegetarian, Carnivore in the Title category. There is no event item. Thanks to Mitsuri and Cirrus Kellach for the info!

Gaia's CAPTCHA is in the form of asking users to select an item a pictured avatar is wearing from a list below. It's just Gaia's way of ensuring you're not a bot.

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Got my achievement! Also, tickets are being awarded now.

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It is pretty fun. Funny how it's just the hunting game from Frontier Skies with some Thanksgiving elements added. Ah well, it's nice to see Frontier Skies making somewhat of a comeback.
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They used the hunting game from frontier skies I'm so happy this was my fav part
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Has anyone gotten the achievement for it yet?
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do you try
DO YOU PURPOSELY TRY to make the controls s**t in every. single. game.
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Are the tickets we get the same as normal tickets from blackjack and stuff?
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I like how they specifically use 'you gotta bang the target' to describe the game.
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Really weird. I was sorta missing the Frontier Skies shooting game yesterday and bam, here it is today. surprised
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I seriously would like to know how to get this Achievement.
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+.♦.+ Diamond Dust +.♦.+

I'm so confuuuused. gonk

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Sifen Yamishi
I seriously would like to know how to get this Achievement.

Gotta get at least 200lbs on each level and make it through all 5 levels.

"Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wagh’nagl fhtagn."
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O.o Whut?

Hey! thanks for updates... ^^ heart
Link: " http://www.gaiaonline.com/launch/thanksgiving2012? "
or click here!

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Did anyone even get their tickets?
O.o I got like, nothing... lol
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i can only ever get 2 killed
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Shooting the elk makes me worry about making Carl angry. gonk
Still I enjoyed the hunting game when it first came out in Frontier Skies and this version still pretty fun... even though I have no idea what the tickets are for. xP
The game sort've reminds me of the old Duck Hunt game.

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