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I clicked the banner and exploded from happy a little on the inside
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I love the new old banner. I want them to make it permanent. <3
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Uncle Kenny
Yeah... also the valentines event is up... and it trolls you with a message saying you get an Angelic Halo... assholes.

Look in your accessories tab.

The corset? That's not an Angelic Halo...

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

No idea about the corset, but it does grant an item.

Are you seriously mad about an obvious joke?

It's false advertising and the Angelic Halo is an MC, therefore it can't be redistributed in any manner, that is just how those items are mean to be.

So who ever thought it was funny, isn't funny.

Anyways, you didn't get a corsage? Brain farted before... not an corset.

Just to be clear, it wasn't actually a joke nor was it intentional. That was just test code I had left in there before pushing it. As soon as I noticed it was still there, I fixed it so nobody else should run into it. Trust me, I don't want to be the guy in the office who gave out thousands of Angelic Halos by accident, it would not be a happy day for any of us.

Apologies Kenny!
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Really trippy. It's nice to have that old artwork in the header again. 3nodding
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Proxy Prophet

03er here. The old header made me laugh.

>_> don't tell anyone I posted.
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I knowwwww. The old-school header makes me so happy. I even changed my avi to the old newbie style in celebration lol. whee
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For me the webpage address conjures up so much nostalgia, it took me so long to get used to gaiaonline, even if it was what Gaia originally wanted as the address XD

So many awesome feels, people were so much more approachable back then ... or maybe I was once more outgoing? Either way, days of youth are always nostalgic blaugh
Losing my mind a little bit. I haven't been on here in forever but I happened to drop in to see the even and this just could not be ignored. I had to jump back in for some nostalgia.

All these years and it still looks better that any other banner they've used imo.
*Prances about*
I'm having a blast dressing my avatar in old Gaia items.
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oh my god I had no idea that's what that was. Thanks for letting me know, lol.

(joined six years ago so....)
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Mademoiselle Kit

I know, right? So nostalgic.
Sleep Isabella
*Prances about*
I'm having a blast dressing my avatar in old Gaia items.
we should learn to appreciate the old items more. I know it's hard to do, with so many cooler, new items, but the old items are what Gaia was built on, and laid the path for all those new items everyone loves over the old items. crying
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Hello there!

nerdgasmed, what do you expect?

have a nice day
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I honestly just noticed the Go-gaia. Got me thinking 'wait what? when did gaia switch back to go-gaia o.o

Oh man I miss the early days of gaia back when pink links were pink links not floating white boxes with a pink trim.

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