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I vividly recall Gino mentioning to Sentinel, during their travels, that Gaians were hard to kill; and as we've seen from his fathers' adventures and mishaps, that's been proven. Johnny has had a lot thrown at him and still lived; until Zhivago came in with a special zappy titan gun and shot him dead. We've also seen Kanoko, the mysterious little transfer student survive a freefall from space and into Gaia's atmosphere, and survive, possibly even after she could've smashed into the ground upon impact, which would've killed a normal human with absolute certainty. On the other hand, we've seen some Gaians, like Bruce Hardcastle die pretty easily from choking on a potato, Santa die from one of Jack's punches, Rosalie die from a single (presumably normal) gunshot, and Ian hospitalized by one as well. I'm very curious to know what Gaians (especially Kanoko) are made of; their very atomic structure, to continue to living through such extremes. Lonsdaleite or something? I'm thinking that some of us who weren't born as Gaians, but rather, as humans who came to Gaia through that time machine mishap
people on earth tried to create a time portal and instead delivered themselves and a large chunk of earth to another world.
One of the things that I felt sorry about is the background story which was never told in full detail. But that concept had always been the explanation to why Gaia has a mix of fantasy and modern theme plus characters that belong to different realms. This happened a long time ago in the Gaia world's timeline so it doesn't have a big impact of the characters today.
would've been people like Ian, Bruce, and maybe even Rosalie, who died or were hospitalized during some extreme events that went down on on Gaia.
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Nice observation. It is too bad we don't have more of the original backstory. (Maybe we'll find out more when Gino finally figures out his titan abilities/heritage?) It's like the towns are a tiny little enclave of colonists, some of whom have some supernatural ancestry mixed in (esp. Gambino family), and others are closer to average humans.

Going by our avatars, though, Gaia has WAY less gravitational force than Earth. xD So maybe the human lineage is actually the physically stronger one...
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In the rejected olympics last year, we also, out of free will, went on space freefalls and survived!
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Made of Flubber.
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We are all small meteors.
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Blood pixels, skin pixels, bone pixels, muscle pixels.
We're much different than plants, which have pixel walls.
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Kanoko is going to be a future magical girl, that's why she can survive anything.
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Made of Flubber.

You, Sir, have won an internet. emotion_dealwithit
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I'm pretty sure everyone here, including the NPCs, are demigods.
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We're all descendants of a God scream
We survied zombie swarms, vampire attacks, explosions, bacon cats. so on and so forth.
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Maybe some characters are Time Lords. Since there isn't an outward, apparent difference between Time Lords and fragile homo sapiens, you have to find out who is which by throwing hammers at them. biggrin
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We're all descendants of a God scream
We survied zombie swarms, vampire attacks, explosions, bacon cats. so on and so forth.
doesn't compute. If we all were descendents of gods, then how were some Gaians able to die/ get injured so easily, with normal human food/ weapons? And i doubt the people who made it to Gaia through the time machine mishap were godly descendants.
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Ian was a Vampire then though, they could've laced it with Anti-Vampire stuff. Santa isn't a Gaian either and Jack has a amazing punch.
Kanako is still alive because the universe felt sorry for her.

Well I guess Gaians could survive stuff like ground impact but stuff like bullets and potatoes is a bit too hard.
Considering what kinds of things Gaians wear I'd say we are augmented with the kitchen sink of stuff. A lot of us are decked out in demonic items so I'm sure gaians don't have to worry much about demonic possession either.
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I've never seen any evidence that Gaians even have internal organs to damage--so I don't see why we couldn't survive something ridiculous.
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Liam had a kidney.

Emphasis on "had".

That comic was gross and not funny.

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