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I just thought Johnny did something that didn't screw anything up
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I'm not sure that Gino is in fact a Titan.
I know that Hephaes referred to Gina as the son of a titan, but was that the son of a "titan of industry" (Johnny) or an actual Titan?

Being the God of Industry, it's not surprising that Hephaes would have a relationship with Gino, and it also wouldn't be surprising if that relationship was a good one.

As for Kuro wanting Gino dead, there's always the possibility that he just wants to keep the incredibly wealthy and powerful Gambino Empire in a state of disarray while he puts his plans in motion.

Still, all of that having been said, if it were to turn out that Gino was indeed an actual Titan, that would make a lot sense as well, and could be pretty entertaining as time went on. smile

Yeah, it's possible he's not a titan. I guess we have to wait and see what's so special about Gino in the manga....*stares at December calendar* There's definitely something about his bloodline...but yeah it doesn't mean he is one. In the manga it says he's a descendant of a titan (not necessarily "son"; that would be Meili, who is referred to as the "son of Gaia" in his SDPlus item) - so I think they were referring more to Gino's ancestry than his father Johnny (as a titan).

on wiki it says Titans were descendants of Gaia, and were the first generation of gods, before they were overthrown by younger gods (Olympians). GaiaOnline tends to draw a lot from greek mythology so I wonder how much of that story they are going to copy for their own...

I think there might be more about Gino than just a kill-them-cause-they're-rich though...the previous manga really builds up the suspense about the reason why Kuro is after Gino, you know? If Crescento says to Edmund "he want's the Gambinos dead because they are wealthy/powerful" a lot of people would rage at the lameness LOL. but yeah i guess it's still possible.

We sort of had that, although it was a blatant retcon. the Xmas 2010 event had Santa specify that it was Kuro's vampire assassins they were hiding from.

Okay biggrin That clarifies things I guess. I vaguely remember that, I think. "He" is explained! Woo!

Popcorn Jellybeans
I just thought Johnny did something that didn't screw anything up

I don't understand you

@ thread Poll: I want to know who those 8 people are who chose stirring pots with chopsticks.......because I totally do that too!! xd
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What if it involves the Zurg? biggrin biggrin
I really want them back, ok?
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♫♫ Hmmm I enjoy this.
Not sure if it's entirely legit and backed but it made for an interesting read and I can see the potential.
Gino x Meili emotion_kirakira
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Gino isnt a god or a titan, he's a human.

How do you know he wasn't born with it? You cant engineer a bloodline. He had a mother/father, he wasn't cloned like Labtec X.

Wouldn't "he" just refer to either Jack/Santa? rolleyes That was a manga was a** a long time ago.

Like any reasonable person would believe that lunatic letter of Gambinos. lol

For all we know, they could be referring to LabtecX as the superpowered titan that can breath underwater and set Gaia into total dissaray and not Gino at all. lol
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Did you know? Titan's are supposed to be very big! It's true! If Gino is a titan, he must be a midget!

Midgets are not scary, in fact, people bowl with them!

Okay, goodbye! Goodbye Forever!

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