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This is literally my first day back on gaia. I cannot, -for the life of me-, remember the account email I used before.

Ah well. It's just good t'be back. 4laugh
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In the almost 7 years that I have been here on Gaia, I have never once taken a break. I almost though I'd have to take a 3 month break due to volunteer work that I was doing but it turns out they had internet service at certain times of the day and I was able to get on. razz
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I've never taken a long hiatus... but I'd say just lurk in GCD/SF for a couple months. Snoop on people's equipped lists (when you can) to check out new items. Pop in on random threads when you feel like you've got something to add. Participate in events when they happen.

Yup. That should get you back into the swing of things.

Stellar Phoenix
That said, it's usually pretty easy for me to get back into the swing of being a lurker. The hard part's always figuring out who of my friends are active and how the heck did they manage to release ten RIG's while I was gone.

At least you'll never have to ask, "I wonder if Ming is still around". Because the answer is always yes. whee
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          Mid 2009-Mid 2011 was definitely my biggest break. It wasn't intentional, my friends IRL had all stopped going on and gradually I lost interest...plus, that was mostly my senior year of high school, I was barely home then anyway. But I haven't taken a break since, don't really see one on the horizon. When I came back I just caught up on items because I didn't know what else to catch up on; everything else came to light naturally.
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When I take short breaks, I have to check lists and the MP for all the new items... and there are so many of them.

I don't see the same people I used to hang out with anymore. It's been dull without them but I enjoy lurking/posting in the forums.
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I hear you, I was a gaia addict too, and went on my first real hiatus last year. I attribute that to getting older and being university-aged sweatdrop

I got back into the swing of things by hanging out and browsing the GCD to keep up with the latest gossip and whatnot. I find that satisfying enough on a small-time frame basis. Especially since I don't have many online friends on gaia anymore [/foreveralone]
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I am too having this problem. I haven't been on much due to work. I have missed so much and don't know where to start. I have been roaming around the forms. And trying to see all the new items.
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I just post like any other day. I might lurk a bit to see what the atmosphere's like, but it rarely changes.
This. :V In my opinion Gaia doesn't really change much anymore and neither does the community culture. If someone's been gone for years it might be a shock. But only one year, maybe not so much. Whenever I take a break I'm more concerned about not looking like a total a*****e when I get back while I'm catching up on comments/PMs/etc that have been sitting for a while, lol. :< Better late than never? :'D
I have recently just come back from a 2 yr hiatus.
I was never exceedingly active on here as far as interacting but I'm trying now.
You just have to be willing to post more and talk to others more I think. heart
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i seriously just came back after a year of not gaia-ing. the biggest thing is seeing all the cool items i missed, and also the events i missed. (halloween! gonk )

it's not that hard to go back to mostly lurking and telling strangers that i like their outfits, though. maybe i'll try to actually do some achievements from now on?
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I took an incredibly long break myself. I'm happy my computer still remembers my password because I sure as hell don't!

It's a bit overwhelming how many items there are now, and how gold is worth a lot less. But it's been pretty fun selling off stuff I don't want anymore and discovering new items all the time. I'm especially enjoying seeing everyone else's pretty and complex avatars. I just log in and go @_@ for a few hours at a time it seems. Lol.
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- Have you taken a break from Gaia?
Yep, longest I've done so is about 2-3weeks.
- how did you get back into the swing of things if you have?
Dunno. I just do when I've got the spare time if real life duties don't need me.
- tips for someone trying to get back into Gaia now?
Hm, find a good reason why you got into Gaia in the first place. For me, other than the nice updates of items, I think it's the sense of community I feel every time I return. If it weren't for the connections, I would have left a long, LONG time ago.
I take breaks all the time! I actually just got back from a 3 year hiatus.
Lately, I've been lurking a lot in the forums for the sole purpose to see new items from different avatars.
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I've taken a few hiatuses in my time and I'm just getting back into the swing of things after my last one.
I find it hardest to get myself reacquainted with the all the new items that had been released. RIGs sure pop out a lot in a year. But it's easy enough to reacquaint yourself to things and met new people. As they say, everything changes so it's unreasonable to hope they stay the same.
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I went on a fairly long hiatus just because I became very busy with work. I also kinda forgot about it. The worst thing is seeing all the pretty items that came out while I was away! I have to fight the urge to sell my really expensive items to buy more expensive items!

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