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Gauntlets & Goblins -- Y/N?

Yes 0.52 52.0% [ 195 ]
No 0.24 24.0% [ 90 ]
To get to your mum's Gauntlet first I have to defeat her Goblin 0.24 24.0% [ 90 ]
Total Votes:[ 375 ]
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Anything that isn't a weeaboo fanfest is SUPER DUPER fine by me.

Items are a little lacking, I feel the person in charge might be new and doesn't realize that smaller pieces = versatility = WHAT WE WANT.

But homg. Loving the focus on an aspect of nerdom that this place seems to ignore (and understandably so, I remember the weeaboo roots) .. not as much as the comic book CI but that's cos I'd MUCH rather play Batman than Aragon. Anyway. Please Gaia. More of this theme pretty pretty pretty please crying
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Original Lunatic

Some things were okay.

But I think it's pretty male-oriented, which is totally fine because the guys really need some RIG love.

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The shading on most of the items bothers me too much to use them. I'm so disappointed.
I ~LOVE~ the theme but the items' fugly shading kills any desire to buy anything other than the background items
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Smitten Spirit

          Firstly, my wishlist just increased by, about, a third. This is honestly the first RIG in a long time I've been happy with and that I'll be going after more than two items from. Second, there are actually a few new horn items, and not all of which are expensive. A few are even the prefect laying I'd been missing with my usual four sets. SO GOOD. I'm so bloody ******** excited with this RIG, I'm not even sure I'll be able to find the words to describe it. But lets try~

          - - The APPEAL of the items [ 17/20 ]
          The items this time had a lot of different appeal than the past few RIGs have, for one, a lot of them have managed to stay pretty cheap despite having a pretty massive amount of quality and detail put into them. There were quite a few pop culture references, like items clearly inspired by LotR, Game of Thrones, and Avatar, but there were also a large selection of original items and ones that seemed to be made to compliment other items already in existence. But, let's break it down a bit more than that~

                - MALE themed items [ 4.5/05 ]
                People have been asking for manlier themed items for quite some time, myself included, and it's been a constant letdown with each passing month of RIG, but "Gauntlets & Goblins" finally delivered. There is a large selection of tough and manly items, including - but not limited to - Barbarous Linebacker , Knight Patrol, and Berserker Pilot. The items were packed with pants- and ones that weren't skin tight like so many in the past- as well as spikes, hoods, and detailed gloves that actually keep the hands from thinning. The detailed items weren't limited to frills, allowing laying of larger and bulkier items

                In general, items that have hair poses tend to be better to use and match than ones from the shop, since the shop colorations over the year have dulled into awkward shades that grow increasingly hard to match with a color scheme or character. But the amount of masculine to feminine item hair/wig poses is pretty ******** low. Though there are some decent unisex, there is a much higher amount of frilly, curly, and delicate locks. Though this RIG had quite a few of those as well, it also delivered some solid, sharp line, and bright/deep colored BAMF wigs. ~

                One of my personal favorite items from this set was the Berserker Pilot hair. The shop Mohawks are off in colors and volume, and for a long time I dreamed of an item that would combine the long rat-tail form Seracila Pendant and the edge of the Mohawk from Case of Peitro, and this item finally delivered ~ Showing off a stiffer top section, shaved sides, ear 'bangs', and the back tail. It's my manliest dream hair brought to life in pixels. Thank you Gaia

                The armor and knight sets were really a stand out in this RIG, many of the past armor we've had only went to mid torso, as it was made for females in concept, or didn't include chest pieces and only went as far as the shoulder. But this time there are items that have some pretty war-ready boots, as well as swords, helms, and hoods/cowls that would make any knight proud to march through towns.

                The main let-down in terms of male related items would be the distinct lack of two things- One being facial hair and body hair. We only have a few items that allow us to stubble and hair-up out pixels, and there has been a growing desire to have more options to man-up these clean faced avis. The second one being muscle and bulk body shape mods. So far, there are only two decent mods both of which exist in EIs, and the lack of muscle bound item appearing in a RIG again was a bit of a let down. I was hoping with the beefy tone of Ryder's design we might get one, but, hopes dashed. { Still, at least we get his hair. }

                - FEMALE themed items [ 04/05 ]
                There was a pretty decent range in the female items, having one that was dark, sexy, and curvy, and other that was frilly and comical, and yet another that was highly detailed, flowing, and just plain bloody classy. A lot of the poses for the items seemed to be divided up to work well with other female related items already in existence, playing to the main strength of layering. BUT, there were a lot less items in this RIG that seemed to play to the heroin than there were in the past few, putting more weight on the ones that were there.

                Because of the less than usual amount of female-oriented items, there was a significant lack of color range and difference between the items, mint and pink/red overlapping on a few of them, leaving a stiff and cramped feeling to the selection.

                - BODY-EDITING & BACKGROUND themed items [ 04/05 ]
                The two background items Epic Journey, and Scenic Quest were two that really stood out on their own in this RIG. The detail of each scene in the posing was amazing, and there is at least one background for almost everyone's taste. I'm not much of a background person, but even I was left impressed and wanting the items to class up my pixels.

                There weren't that many items that were Body-mods, and that was kind of a let down. Leg poses are always something to look forward to in a new RIG, regardless of whether or not they are in shoes or in full waist down. There was also an increase in arm and torso posing that has been growing in popularity and desire over the past few months~ And the simple lack of either was a bit of a let down. The two items that really stood out were Necrodancer - for the leg-mod, the stance is seemingly awkward at first but is one that is certainly unique in comparison to many other leg-mods and creates a curvy figure which is often missed on avis. It reminds one of the Geek chic leg-mod. I honestly think it's brilliant to see a mod that creates a different body type brought back. Now, for the arm/torso mod, the main stand out would be Clerical Nurse. Not only does it allow for a dramatic arm posing, but it offer's two options of it, one with the themed clipboard, and one without- the later creating the illusion of someone being shocked or about to faint. With the detail of the coloration, the wrinkles, and the style alone, this item was pretty bad a**, but the added bit of comedy takes it to another level.

                - The COLOR CHOICES of the items [ 4.5/05 ]
                The color choices of the items is pretty split. The choices were a bit different than the usual, a lot of the items having one or two main colors with smaller and brighter colors used as accessories and details. The main awesome-aspect of the color choices this time is bringing back color themes that had been lost with other items. The current popularity in Rosamund and Sainte Ciel items have created an opportunity for pink and red items, the shade of the color of the hair and detailes on the items being pretty scarce outside of the EIs so far. This RIG helped to fix that a bit with items like Cheerful Conjuror, which offers a new hair in the shade as well as black/purple items lined with the color, and Enchantress of the East which combines the hue with white, grey, and black. Necrodancer has accesories and details that reflect the flower and color choices in the item 'Fall Bride'. and Delphic Oracle continues the trend of gold, black, and purple colored items started by Velvetine's Reading, Rajkumari Velvetine, and SDPlus #280 Velvetine. Other items like Clerical Nurse and Danseuse Enchantée continue the site's theme of mint and teal. But, there was a lack lack luster feel in the choice, some of the shading feeling a bit heavy and the variety seeming scarce. Though I'm happy that for the most part, they went with a bit more realistic feel to the colors of an adventurer, it did leave me wanting more- just that one item missing that would really pop.

          - - The DETAIL of the items [ 08/10 ]
          The item detail seems to be much higher than the past few rigs, even the cheap items have decent shading and color choices as well as massive amounts of detail with the scales, belts, and accessories, like in Deadly Thread. Even the simple item like Bag of Many Holdings reshapes the buly messenger bags of the past into a better fit for the avi form and is jam packed with details on the straps as well as on the face of the bag. And it comes in multiple colors.

          - - The THEME of the RIG [ 08/10]
          Role-play and gaming will always be a classic, and the fact that Gaia went the rout of table top gaming instead of the usual arcade, or even adventure-tech themed added a bit of nostalgia an familiarity to the whole thing. Though there was a bit of a let down with the deliverance, having little to no choices to actually influence the outcome- despite the fact that's what role-play and table top adventure gaming is all about- it was still a sweet improvement over the last few RIGs. Enough so to wash the bitter taste that had been clinging to my pixel mouth. I thought seeing the character archetypes, like the devoted heroine, the loner or depressive character- and a dark elf at that-, the pure and honor bound knight, the hot headed hero, and the comic relief magical-animal, was all bloody brilliant and brought a bit of a smile to my face. Though not enough seemed to be done with the actual potential that existed with the theme, it was enough to get me invested~

          - - The ART of the RIG [ 08/10 ]
          Comparative to other art the detail and differences between each character and scene wasn't as impactful. In many other RIGs, there is either a story that is illustrated with different characters and backgrounds for each part of it, or each singular character get's their own full illustration with tweaks- this one seemed to have a lot of copy and paste themes with the backgrounds as well as the monster. { Though it was nice that they switched it up to have at least two possible monsters for each stage between the characters. }

          The back posing of the characters pasted into the corner of each stage was a bit boring, it would have been more interesting and more of a treat to have some form of action or battle pose of the character engaging in the battle, with the additional party members joining in behind.

          BUT, each character did have their own fleshed out story that was conveyed in the opening and closing texts, in a few cases, there was more to the story of these characters than there were to other characters in RIGs past. Dynadin's ending provided humor when changing back to a human, Kiva's ending pulled at the heart stings with the last love of a dead father for his still living daughter~ The happy tears and photo being some of the best touches, Callista & Kipling were pretty straight forward and predictable with their wish being granted, and Ryder's ending implies that we may be seeing more of him in future items.

          All in all, the artwork and the stories told in the artwork made me more attached to the characters and the RIG than I have been since the introduction of Hell Warden and Sandman. I just wish they had done more with all the potential they had there.

          - - The OVER ALL EFFECTIVENESS of the RIG [ 41/50 ]

          THE OUTCOME [ 41/50 ] = 82% B
          A passing RIG, and a pretty ******** rad one at that.

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Feral Girl

Yes because this rig has given me my favorite hair ever.
I love the Shrouded Vestige hair hnnnnnnng. The color is lovely... kinda like the color of the unicorn spirit hair only not impossible to attain (and I think the vestige style is prettier). ♥
I love it.
JUST o Ao!
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Wheezing Sweetheart

processing data . . .
I'm loving the bold colors and the pixel work seems a lot more detailed, especially on the wigs.
the backgrounds are beautiful.
there seems to be a nice balance of fem/masculine items
so yes
a thousand times yes.
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Dedicated Bookworm

I love it, so it's a yes from me. Some of it is really funny, like Game Of Pwns xd and other bits are really beautiful, like Necrodancer (who made that? It's gorgeous!) Some odd shading here and there, but that's ok. I have bought and wishlisted more bits from this RIG than most others.
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Unbeatable Ladykiller

Yes. I definitely like this RIG. I especially love Scenic Quest as well as the last pose from Epic Journey. heart
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Beloved Nerd

User Image

But...Haven't looked through all of the item's poses yet but...A lot of them are awesome but I don't seem to "need" the ones I saw so far.
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Conservative Citizen

The art is okay, but definitely not my favorite. There was an enemy I really liked though. I think the items are great this time and I love all the green. : ]

I think the fail rate is outrageously high, but I usually do. In general I dislike the RIGS that are complete chance. I enjoy the Q&A ones a lot more and the scrabble to find all the correct answers.

It seemed like there was more items than usual in this rig.

So, yay+nay=Yaynay. It's okay.
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I LOVE most of the items, except the pastel ones. Never been this happy since December. Have to start earning more gold.
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Melodious Gekko

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I'm not gaga over this RIG exactly, but there were a couple of fail items that went nicely with my gimmick (although I had to buy a Tsunami shirt for it to work). Good thing I had like 1.5 million in gold on hand. emotion_sweatdrop
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Agile Rogue

No items I like

I don't know if I should consider that a good thing or a bad thing but I voted no anyway

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