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I'm surprised at the price of Butterfly Kick. Its got the wig and skimpy clothes and useful accessories one usually sees for around 10 million (at least in my opinion) but it's only 2-3 million! It's still way more than I'd ever spend on it, but still.
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Usually,I never can buy any Chance Item.Even if I save up enough GCash.(Which,BTW,I saved up about 400 before.That was for Keiko's Cake. But then I blew it and spent it all because I never thought I was going to get it.)But today,I jus bought Game On.I didn't get what I wanted,so I am currently trying to sell it on the marketplace for 700,000.That was what about what it was worth.
Meh,I wanted to beat the other price,49k higher,so someone would buy it.
But the actual thingy? I just saw one for about 100k.You're right.It's like,so cheap.Too bad I saw it only after I bought the thing.Now I only have 1 GCash left over,lol.
And I just bought the last Vienna Roast Coffee on the Marketplace,and I wasted about 60k.What a rip off,but hey,it was the last one.
So now I'm poor and I only have 59k.
Lol,I've been here for like 3 yrs now and I only saved up 100k. Unbelivable.
But back to the actual topic,yes-everything is pretty cheap with the new Chance item.
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I dont know why they're cheap, but I approve of it.
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I too, was surprised by the prices. I don't really want anything, but this one item with fabulous red hair that was only 200k. I haven't gotten it yet but was pleased.
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The only thing I've gotten from this is the Avatar of Twilight. I had to own the only .hack reference item.
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what's the name of the one that's mostly black? i'll take 5
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Yes, they're kinda cheap (bought two of my Hard Hitting Monk items from the marketplace and got one randomly) and most of them are cool. The one I really want is Koji the Red Fox, but no luck with the 9 game-on bundle. I'd pay 1000000 gold to get my hands on Koji (but since he's the rarest item and nobody has gotten him so far, he hovers around the 45000000-30000000 gold mark).

@maggiedroid2: Do you mean Team Star or Akihabara Nobody?
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Well the Gaint syringe is really expensive. Like loads and its not even that cool
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Winter Hue
About a third of the items I want are above 1mil. > ^ >
So I wish for the gods of deflation to descend upon the land.

*stares at Workshop Flora and Butterfly Kick* Why WHY?!
Why can't I catch either of you at a missprice?
It is the only way I am going to be able to afford either of you.

wasn't that like 100k the first day? emotion_0A0

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