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Beatrice La Chupacabra
Well, this topic hasn't been done to death. *sigh*

I like Gambino better cuz if it weren't for his crazy party I wouldn't be the beautiful creature I am now. ^_^ And the twins are snots.
Yay resons
Hey do you all love Gambino? Do you even know why you like him or are you all posers who just post "I love Gambino" everywhere?
Give me your reasons... do you just love Gambino for no reason?
I bet you can'tt think of one reason why Gambino rocks.
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go gambino
go gambino
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Shameless Codger

Ever since I joined in July, I've liked the Gambinos... I don't know... just something about those two made me like them more than any other NPC. Durring the Olympics, I was none too happy with Papa-gambino... but after living my life under a strict powerful "daddy" myself... I understand his reasons... I don't condone it, but I understand why he did it.

I really wish I was there for the Halloween... it sounded like people had a
blast! Hell, I would have loved to have been a zombie to tell you all the truth, (It's twists like those that make Gaia Fun!) Even so, I don't think that incident was entirely his fault (Perhaps it was simply an experimentation gone wrong, not an outbreak out of malice).

Durring the christmas event, my heart went entirely out for Gambino. To have thought of suicide over the loss of his child... that's proof that he indeed cared about his son, despite what others may have thought before.

As for the Vons... I did not dislike them at first, I did not know much about them to dislike them. I attended their anniversary ball and had fun... got peeved at the derogatory comments, but after a while, I shrugged them off. It was only when the Von Sisters kidnapped Gino (a poor confused boy) and used him as an ultimatum that I looked disfavorably at them. Richness does not give anyone the right to do such things, I don't care who you are.

Gambino made mistakes, yes... but don't we all. He chose his son over his revolution... he's trying to redeem himself, and because of that, I will be 100% behind him, spreading his name to the masses!

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