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This thread has been made for the support of the Gambinos -- both Gino and Johnny K. Throughout all of their ups and downs, we will be there rooting for them, with plenty of discussion along the way. Don't like the Gambinos? We'll change your mind. Rather have green pasty vampires and aliens than man-candy? We'll straighten you out. Mad because you didn't get a G-Pin at either of the balls they were handed out? We'll tell you that it's not the items that matter, it's that you're for Johnny and Gino. Have anything at all to say or ask about the Gambinos and their past/present/future? We'll have a reply.

Here, you can post banners, fanart, even Gambino fanfiction, as well as (of course!) talk about Gambino goings-on. Please try to stay on topic and avoid roleplay, since if we don't we'll get CHATTERBOXED! Or FRIENDS CHATTED! Dun dun dunnn.

A Gambino Service Announcement
FYI, we normally speak of Johnny K. Gambino as Johnny, Gino Gambino as Gino, and any one of the both of them as a Gambino. Which means, if I say "Pride to the name of Gambino" or something of the like, I'm saying it for both Gambinos.


arrow If you have any Gambino fanstuff, please PM me with it and I will add it to our collection ASAP!! :3
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Disclaimer: All fanart in the first post banners are property of their owners and are posted in the fanart post in this thread. They do not belong to Jasette, because she sucks at drawing. Also, the first post banners were made by DarknightRabbit, because he is awesome. Thank you.

Free to use. Link to us, if you please. (:

((Do not)) Support the Von Helsons! -- By Andtalathiel
Thee is a great word! -- By Nuore-kun
Collage! -- by DaveyBoy07
Hahaha... literally... -- By RedHop
Haha! Same judge from the OJ Simpson trial! -- By Prince Nathan
Gambino being awesome: Priceless. -- TriskDaemon
I -so- want these keychains. -- By BlitzersBabe
Gambino Wallpaper. :O -- By CrAze
Aww, a Gambino and Gino wallpaper! ^__^ -- By Seyli Hsa
Another one! ^___^ So AWESOME! XD -- By Seyli Hsa
Support Gambino! x3!!! -- By DarknightRabbit
Aww, happy! XD -- by TriskDaemon
Literary reference! -- By TriskDaemon
I LOVE IT!!! Highly recommended. Just wonderful. Really. -- By The Pie
Support--the--Gambinos!! :3 -- By TriskDaemon
Wanted: Alive! -- By Tobias Geminasu
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Disclaimer: All fanart in the first post banners are property of their owners and are posted in the fanart post in this thread. They do not belong to Jasette, because she sucks at drawing. Also, the first post banners were made by DarknightRabbit, because he is awesome. Thank you.

Gino fanart - Bunnyfish Mel-Mel
Sad Gino plushie. X3 - Bunnyfish Mel-Mel
XD! - Kieti
Gino made with doll base! - Morigale
Masquarade ball Gino! - Bunnyfish Mel-Mel
Toned Gino head - Mae Noelle
Cute Gino! x3 - Cotton
Gino with a sword. xD - Bunnyfish Mel-Mel
Swordplay Gino! (No "Gino has a big sword" jokes, please. xD!) - Bunnyfish Mel-Mel
Gino head 1
Gino head 2 - Mae Noelle
FONG stop drawing GINO! - RPDOfficer
Pop...star... Gino...? O_o... - Bunnyfish Mel-Mel
Gino sucks at math, woo! - Bunnyfish Mel-Mel
Gino is a pirate! @_@ - Bunnyfish Mel-Mel
Punk Gino! >> - Bunnyfish Mel-Mel
Older Gino, and hawt if I may say so - Bunnyfish Mel-Mel
GINO in Frenchy-stuffs - Bunnyfish Mel-Mel
Kiddy Gino - Bunnyfish Mel-Mel
Gino... in a teacup. xD - Bunnyfish Mel-Mel
Dance Dance Revoluuuution! - Bunnyfish Mel-Mel
Gino's thoughts on G-corp. xD - Bunnyfish Mel-Mel
Gino in the snow. - Bunnyfish Mel-Mel
Er, happy Gino? xD - Bunnyfish Mel-Mel
Sparkly Shoujo Prince Gino!!1 - Bunnyfish Mel-Mel
Zombiee Gino - Bunnyfish Mel-Mel
Gino... asleep. >> - Bunnyfish Mel-Mel
Gino in tux, with flooowers! x3 - Bunnyfish Mel-Mel
MAFIA Gino! :bangbangbang: - Bunnyfish Mel-Mel
It's... Gino with wings! - Bunnyfish Mel-Mel
Gino and his puppet. xD - Bunnyfish Mel-Mel
Little Red Riding Gino! - Bunnyfish Mel-Mel
Marioneete Gino. >< - Bunnyfish Mel-Mel
Colored Gino Keychain! - Bunnyfish Mel-Mel
Gino in Johnny gear! - Bunnyfish Mel-Mel
HAPPEH NEW YEAR. =D - Bunnyfish Mel-Mel
School Boy Gino! - Bunnyfish Mel-Mel
Gino on a hike, woo! - Bunnyfish Mel-Mel
It's Gino! With a very big cross-like necklace-like... thing.. -- Bunnyfish Mel-Mel
Gino reading a book! -- GeminiSun
Gino looking optimistic. -- GeminiSun
Gino washed ashore. -- GeminiSun
Angsty li'l Gino. xD -- GeminiSun
Goth Gino. (It's not her fault! :O!!!!) -- GeminiSun
Running Gino! -- GeminiSun
Grown up Gino. (ooh, Bishi!!) -- GeminiSun
Gina, colored! -- GeminiSun
Older (BISHYOMG??) Gino! -- Silver Gryphon
JOHNNY for PRES! xD -- Bunnyfish Mel-Mel
A young Johnny! - Seyli Hsa
Johnny looks so majestic. x3 -- By Tymaporer
I support him because I can. ^_^ -- By Alexandrus Gambino
Aww... I love this pose. -- By Alexandrus Gambino
Keychain!Gino ?? :O -- By Bunnyfish Mel-Mel
Young Gambino with Gino's mother! o_o -- By GemeniSun
Holy kittens, a Gambino keychain, too! x3 -- By Bunnyfish Mel-Mel
o_o; Talk about loomage. -- by ix_of_6ix
Woah -- colored. XP -- By Lazarous
^__^ o_O ;__; -- By Blitzersbabe
Gino in common-ish clothes -- By Daiuske_PhantamDark
:O Such coolness abounds! -- By The Pie
Someone needs some sleep. XD -- By The Pie
Awww... ;_; April Fools....? T____T -- By QueenOfMallets
o_o; *Drool* -- By ~x_Shayla_x~
Speed Racer Gino! P: -- Bunnyfish Mel-Mel
Homg. Freakin' good lookin' younger Johnny. <3 -- GeminiSun
BWAHA! Gambino! -- Lucca Ashtear
Purpleblue Gino, aww! -- Bunnyfish Mel-Mel
So pretty. *_* -- GeminiSun
O_O Absolutely wonderful! -- Lucca Ashtear
Wake up to the sound of BWAHAHA! -- enshokukitsune
The late Mrs. Gambino T__T -- Shagami
Broody Gino. :B -- Bassken Lake Monster
Party on, Gambiman! -- Lazarous
Beetch, please. -- Tobias Geminasu
Ginoman says bump!! -- Tobias Geminasu
From Katriana's Pirate-Johnny Tale... -- Katriana
BWAHA-- gobble --HAHAHA! -- Liccy
Linkin Park...? -- Animeistro
Suit!Johnny says BWAHAHAHA! -- Animeistro
Seeing Red -- The Pie
Johnny Kitten Gambino! -- Liccy
Grandaddy Gambino! -- Mistress Gambino
A very Gambino Father's Day -- Mistress Gambino
Mmm, robe. -- reapersun
Mmm, chest hair. -- by protect_vester
Johnny after a work-out -- by Wolf de Night
Chillin' on the beach -- by Wolf de Night
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Disclaimer: All fanart in the first post banners are property of their owners and are posted in the fanart post in this thread. They do not belong to Jasette, because she sucks at drawing. Also, the first post banners were made by DarknightRabbit, because he is awesome. Thank you.

Memories -- by Caden Blue

A Gambino Story -- By darth_vader2

Reflection -- By Baneful

Gino`s Wish -- By Global System

Revival of the Gambinos -- By Axel of Anime

19 Gold and a Small Loaf of Bread -- By demoncat89

Gino Gambino -- Peacekeeper of GAIA -- By N-finiteFangirl

Gaia Online: Aeternus Metus "Everlasting Fear" -- By Tobias Geminasu
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Disclaimer: All fanart in the first post banners are property of their owners and are posted in the fanart post in this thread. They do not belong to Jasette, because she sucks at drawing. Also, the first post banners were made by DarknightRabbit, because he is awesome. Thank you.

Mistress Gambino
I'll hop on the bandwagon and post my speech as well:

Johnny Gambino is a great man no matter how you look at him.

In recent years, he might have fallen prey to a host of misfortunes, some of which were even his fault.

But he always bounced back stronger than ever.

And now it's our turn to do the same.

Johnny never let us see his pain.

He always kept his chin up for us, even in the face of adversity.

And now we must do the same for him.

We cannot let his killer win by giving in to despair.

We must be strong like Johnny was strong, or we can't be expected to carry on his legacy.


Yay Notepad. Even spaced it into nice little "copy and paste here!" chunks. rofl

Kestin Sha
I guess I'll post mine as well, just for archives' sake.

Johnny K. Gambino is a great man. Of this we can all agree. From the first time I saw him, hosting the 2004 Gaia Olympics, he struck me as a charismatic man, a leader to look up to. Halloween of that year only increased my respect for him, and his quest that Christmas solidified my loyalty and admiration. For over five years now have I stood for the name of Gambino, alongside everyone here right now, and many others throughout the ages.

Now, the one thing even his enemies would have to admit is that he is very rich and very powerful. But greatness is not determined by wealth or influence; many a mediocre person has possessed both. Johnny climbed to the top with his own two hands. And with results like that, any ordinary person would sit around doing nothing for the rest of his or her life. But no, that wasn't good enough for Johnny -- using his money and power, he established the G Corp and the Bank of Gambino, two massive contributors to what Gaia is today.

Dissenters have made claims of abuse and neglect toward his son Gino. But while Gino may not be everything Johnny once hoped, his greatest desire is merely to see his son succeed in life. As he gradually grows to understand his son, and that greatness comes in many forms and spawns from many beginnings, he never gives us reason to forget or deny that he genuinely cares. Just as he cared deeply about his late wife, and just as he cares for the population of Gaia itself -- eccentric though he is, there can be no doubt that his intentions are nothing but benevolent. A greedy man would not throw extravagant parties in his own mansion and invite the world to enjoy themselves; he would sit on piles of gold without a care for the downtrodden and disadvantaged.

Johnny Gambino is not just a rich figurehead. He is a hardworking, intelligent, altruistic man, with a heart as gold as the pins we wear today. His steadfast ambition and righteous love for all he holds dear is the reason the Gambino name will forever be associated with true greatness.

By the way, Jas, I thought you should know I put it entirely in the present tense just for you. Your faith is truly inspiring.

For those who missed my speech, here is a hard copy:

I've written countless speeches about Johnny K Gambino in my many years on Gaia. Ever since I first learned of Johnny in early 2004, he's been in a lot of tough spots. Now, when things get bumpy, you have two choices: run for the hills or stand your ground. In the past, every time Johnny has been cornered by fate, we've come through for him as a community. This was especially true after the events of December 2004, when we realized the real love Johnny had for his son, whom he thought he'd lost. Johnny's love was so strong for his son, he was ready and willing to say goodbye to a world without him. It was then that Gino appeared, stricken with amnesia. Even in such a state, his subconscious told him such a man was not ready to die. Johnny had more stories to tell. This is when most old Gaians truly fell in love with this man and his son.

A few months later, we were offered a chance to prove our love. Gino was kidnapped by the newly introduced Von Helson sisters. Suddenly, Gaians were taking sides, attacking each other, hellbent on proving their right. It was then I created the first Gambino Support Thread, in the Third Annual Ball forum. Only in a time of crisis did we realize real action had to be taken by the community. Soon after these events, the Gaia Community Discussion forum was created, giving the GST a new home base.

And again, Gaians were called on to stand with Johnny as he rebuilt his life from the rubble. Without us, Johnny never could have returned to power. Make no mistake, it was our love, support, blood, sweat and tears that lifted him up above the clouds. Through our undying will, we endowed the most powerful man in Gaia.

Even through death, after the tragic events of April 2005, we stood by Johnny. If you weren't there, you should have seen out terrified reactions. They closely paralleled the outcry of today. Even then, we received many condolences. But we did not give up hope. We did not stop. We did not waver. Unbeknown to us, this time, it was Gino's turn to save his father. We waited one long, cold, lonely year only to find Johnny had been with us all along. Our stubbornness in the face of death was rewarded. Just like Johnny, we never, ever gave up.

I am so proud, so very proud of everything we have accomplished. Most of all, I am proud of the strength of our will as people. New and old, we have gathered together again, to face that ever-present enemy, death. Johnny is no stranger to the fight. “By whatever means necessary,” he will come out victorious. He still has more stories to tell. As the glowing head in the sky, Lanzer, has said, “we'll never seen the end of Gambino.”

Through zombies, snipers, falling off skyscrapers, burnt down mansions, vampire attacks, through death, through hell itself, we will never falter. We will never accept defeat. Johnny will survive in our invincible souls. Each of us has a piece of him within our heart. Our love now is stronger than ever. Even now, gathering together again, like so many times before, our invaluable community is bringing life to Johnny K. Gambino. He will always be with us.

The most valuable, the most powerful thing he'll ever own is our faith and loyalty.

For anyone who ever cared,
for Edmund,
for Rosalie,
for Gino,
for the whole of Gaia itself:

Mistress Gambino
PRESSURE O_____O I am also ungodly tired so we'll see how this goes. xD

I will try to keep this brief. (hehehhh why am I laughing)
Huge drama in 2004 and onward. I THIIIINK that's when they were first introduced, but I am not sure there. My knowledge only really starts around Halloween 2k4, since that's where I started sorta paying attention, so I'll start there. xD; (I failed when I first joined, yeah.)
Johnny owns/runs (past tense here maybe?) G-Corp, which does a lot of... questionable science. Those lovable zombie creatures from the olympics last summer, those were a failure. Halloween 2004, they succeeded in reviving life, sort of. Zombies, yeah. Awesome. Well, as always happens with zombie drama, it escaped and started infecting the masses of party guests there to celebrate Halloween, because Gambino likes to live with his work, or something, and has his mansion connected to the labs. Rather than just let us all die, Gambino issued us with shotguns with which to defend ourselves, X mysteriously started selling Vials of Unknown Liquid on the MP which cured zombieism, and it was all very suspicious. Then Bucho initiated Silent Flash which destroyed the mansion and its inhabitants, and the G-Virus. That was that, Johnny survived, and Gino was missing, presumed dead.
Christmas 2004, Johnny doesn't know what to do. He is so heartbroken without his only son that he goes to Durem Reclamation Facility to just end it all, when Gino himself miraculously appears and saves him, out of the kindness of his own heart since he's contracted amnesia and has no idea who Johnny even is. Sad!
2005, the Von Bitches- I mean Von Helson sisters show up trying to pass themselves as the "most powerful women in Gaia." Bullshit. They've got their little home in Durem, they're rich and snotty, and not even that pretty. They host the second Gaia Anniversary Ball (jerks) and Johnny crashes the party. The girls take Gino hostage and make Johnny promise to never set foot in Durem again to get his son back. He agrees, and they leave. He starts rebuilding his mansion, with aid from users' donations, and it becomes a HUGE CRAZY TOWER THAT DEFIES THE LAWS OF EVERYTHING because he's a Gambino and he can do that. He's gone MAD WITH POWER, MAD and on April 1st, 2005, he stands atop his tower BWAHHAHAHAing with madness, Gino shows up and miraculously remembers who his father is, it's magical and then JOHNNY IS SHOT (by Zhivago, the jerk) and falls from his perch, as Gino leaps after him, and they merge into one through the magic of science and both disappear for a while.
THEN IT GETS BETTER. Later that year, I think, Sasha finds (Gam)Gino on the beach and kiss-of-lifes him, nurses him back to health, (Gam)Gino takes over the family business and promises NO SECRETS KAY and falls in love with Sasha. He burns down the mansion (destructo-boy! just like his papa), is presumed dead AGAIN, but miraculously returns "in disguise" as The Masque between Halloween and Christmas. Masque hosts a fancy New Year's ball, kisses Sasha, ooooh romance, cute. Early 2006 (really? this feels wrong), GamGino is full of manly rage and testosterone and challenges Ian to a fight to the death over Sasha. Labtech X (who is Johnny's clone, betcha didn't know that! lol kidding, but it's true) interferes, injects Gino with an antidote, and there's a BIG EXPLOSION (the Gambino signature move) as Johnny and Gino seperate into two people again.
So Johnny's a widower, clearly, Gino's got a mom, her name is Rosalie and she was killed some years ago by Vladimir, which is where Ian and Louie came from, YEAH. She's been a source of emotional drama for the Gambinos and everyone since forever, even though we know pretty much NOTHING about her. That's AWESOME. Johnny hates vampires because of it, though, like, murderously. (he's so sexy when he's got his killing face on~)
Gino is currently living with Liam not because he's a bum, but because Johnny kicked him out to protect him from the evil vampires, and the kid's got self esteem issues.
That got kinda skewed in favor of my tastes towards the... all of it.
I should go back at a later time and pick out the actual important crap... xD;

Aww, that would be a cute mini-comic update.

Johnny: *picks up phone* BWAHAHA! HOW CAN I HELP MY MINIONS TODAY?
Gino: Um, Dad? It's me, Gino. I'm just calling to wish you... a happy fathers' day.
Johnny: ... ... ... *blush* ... ... ... Uh. GET A HAIRCUT, KID. *hangs up* *cut to Johnny, staring thoughtfully at the portrait of him, Gino and Rosalie*


EDIT: See the accompanying artwork by Mistress Gambino!

Ok, let me try and remember the one I gave in the Mansion:

My fellow Gaians, we have arrived at a pivotal moment in our Great Land's history. Our great friend and beloved leader, Johnny K. Gambino, has fallen onto very harsh times. Beginning with the events at his Mansion; he was forced to watch as his mansion was destroyed and his fortune lost, as well as lose his only son. Now, these girls, the Von Helsons, have come and declared themselves to be the new "Most Powerful Persons in Gaia." These women are nothing more than a couple upstarts. Even though the zombie incident was partially his fault, did Gambino not give us weapons with which to defend ourselves? Also, was it not this man that opened his Market to us? He even opened the GGN to all of Gaia. And now, in his time of greatest need, these upstarts are trying to have us turn our eyes to them, and away from Gambino. My fellow Gaians, I implore you, let not your minds be swayed! Do not lose touch with what you know in your hearts to be right! We must now aid the one that has done so much for us! Let us join together, and get rid of these upstarts! Then, once the Von Helsons are no more! We shall turn to Gambino, and we shall do all in our power to help him rebuild his mansion. Let us band together, as one, to restore to power the man that should be, nay, the man that has EARNED the right to be known throughout the land as The Most Powerful Man in all of Gaia. Now, let us go, and return this great man to his rightful place!

Well, that was about it. What do you think of it?

See, my theory is this. Before now, Gambino's mansion was hidden underground to represent secrets. Now Gambino is building all his levels above ground to show he has nothing to hide, not to boast. <3

GO Gambino!

spencer- kun
As general of the Von Helson Army, I peacefully come to you to say that The Gambino's Army and ours have come to a peace agreement!

I can see it in front of me:

Setting: 8 hours into the Easter party - Admin office

Lanzer: Sooo...... stare

VHA & GA top officers: *Shuffles feet.*

Lanzer: Would you care to explain to me how exactly you broke Gaia? stare

VHA & GA: *In unison.* They started it! gonk We merely asserted our right of self-defense!

Lanzer: And since when exactly did "self-defense" involve 300 lbs of explosives? stare

VHA & GA: Yah, umm... We asserted our right of agressive self-defense? sweatdrop

Lanzer: Then there was the matter of the theft of the Von Helson sisters' panties...

VHA: We'd never steal items from our beloved idols!
They'd have us deader than count Vladimir

GA: What would we do with that kind of filth? .__.

Lanzer: ...and using them for painting the walls with the blood of hapless bystanders.

VHA & GA: Oh.... sweatdrop We thought those were rags. Honest. sweatdrop

Lanzer: Further counts of charge are burning of the sisters' Vogue Magazine collection...

GA: sweatdrop

Lanzer: ...Unauthorized reinstatement of the Durem Defensive Works Cannon Batteries...

VHA: sweatdrop

Lanzer: ...burning of the sisters' clothing collection...

VHA: crying

Lanzer: ...for which the sisters wanted to thank the "cleaners"...

GA: gonk

Lanzer: ...illegal usage of alcohol as weaponry...

VHA: How should we know that the punch would react like that with the chandeliers! gonk

Lanzer: ...general stampeding...

GA: We weren't the ones who started using cattle prods! >__>;;

Lanzer: ...destruction of property worth more than all of the Exchange, 133 counts of molesting, 40 counts of murder, 642 counts of assault and 2 counts of raping dead fish.
I do not want to know about the last one, thank you very much

VHA & GA: .__.;;

Capatain Aki
What kind of music would Gambino listen to?

He'd get the peasents to sing for him. xd

Old Gambino,
We pledge to thee
Our honor and fidelity
Both now,
And in the years to be
A never failing loyalty.

Fair Gambino,
Thy name shall be
Written high in Liberty.
Now uncovered
Swears thy ev'ryone
Our pledge to Gambino.


T e h J u n k i e
Guess what - GAMBINO POETRY!

From Heart-Filled Donations, Gambino built a Huge Tower,
To our Surprise, he went Mad with Power.
At that moment, Gino Remebered Him now,
But the Joyful Moment was crushed with an Ear-Shattering POW!

After the Shooting, Gambino fell from that Tower,
The Tower that made him go Mad with Power,
The Tower that made Gino Remember,
The Tower that put us in a Sense of Terror.

Johnny Gambino, Wherever you may Be,
You have made all of us Gaians See,
Money and Power dosen't Matter,
What matters is Love, and Living your Life to the Fullest.

Johnny K Gambino, May you be returned to us without Harm,


The [Gambino Support Thread].

It may not be that good, I haven't wrote in AWHILE. sweatdrop
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Assimilated Businesswoman

::attempts to steal first post:: domokun <3<3

Wewt! You could have links to fanart. =D
I shpeak on behalf of the NPC fanart thread... go ahead and link to the Gambino art there. xD! That's here, btw!
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Shameless Codger

Yay! you brought the thread here!
*salutes in the name of Gambino*
<img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v684/Pclt/DIE.png" alt="Image hosted by Photobucket.com">

Rebel Against The Helson Twins!! Up with Gambino!!

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