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It could become like Blue Sub 6. Labtech X has created a breed of super mutant zombies and floods gaia with them.
how is gaia houseing tied into all this?

wait, what, where did gaia housing come in to this?
they said the houses tied into the battle system ^^

i don't know, never saw that, maybe you can declare war on someone's house and its all the people in your house vs. all the people in their house, or you could get attacked by zombies and you have to clear them out of your house or all the people in the house look like zombies until you win, as a rare event, and from it you get lotsa gold or a really cool item
or maybe all the homes will be transferd into the gambino place ^^

man, i wish i was that optomistic, i just think the past reflects the future
Kuronbou Toraneko
It could become like Blue Sub 6. Labtech X has created a breed of super mutant zombies and floods gaia with them.

yeah, i could see that happening (blue sub 6 is the best) but i don't think gambino's stupid enough to melt the polar caps whee

*lights up another*
That is the best thing Ive read all day! I really hope it happens, I want to battle people, and become a zombie again!!!!!!
lol, i think we all do
=S t a r z=

good theory..well thought out.. i like it 3nodding i hope it happens!i want the battle system

I agree to arrow but on the other hand i might not happen 3nodding

just a theory
but i wanna live!!! crying
(good thoughts in bold stupid ones in italics.)
ok, we all have our own theories on this, but i have a very interesting one that if it is correct, could change the face of gaia. (note: this is only speculation and i have yet to read the jounals of the NPCs, but i will soon, in fact, that is todays project.

now, in one corner, we have gambino, with his son (an obvious unwanting cohort) in another we have the von helson sisters, obviously not the nicest of people, and with a major bone to pic with gambino, and in the third corner, we have the remnants of g-corp. now zombies (you know, we all had to kill a bunch of them but i missed out on the fun due tue some bad planning on my part, in fact the only event i've made it to so far has been the olympics)

ok, gambino's rebiulding, he has enough for his mansion, (which now looks disturbingly like a office building). but he still wants more (and we should give him more, this may get interesting).

what i think is going to happen, iis since gambino's so stupid, he's gonna start up g-corp again, not without modifications i say, but still it'll be there. and this time it's gonna be full blown, in fact, all of his island may have an underground facility soon.
As for the north sea, i'm thinking an underwater research facility there, shinra style, with a new high-tech dock on it with some big fish.

after a while the fish will change, as an event, and things will start getting a little weird.

then the sisters will strike, useing sabatoge, maybe with gino's help!! they will be meaning just to piss gambino off, bbut will end up releasing whatever turned the techs into zombies. and then all hell will break lose.

the island will fall, the north sea dock will become infested with mutated fish, and perhaps a new land furthur north will open up, a haven to the zombies. and then the old g-corp techs will surface, greater in number, and more powerful.
now it's too late to kill them with some simple minigame... and thus the gaia-battle system is born. new shops will open up, each specializing in a class of warrior, and the north section of gaia will become subject to random battles. at first dueling wont be available, because the real enemy will be the mutations, but it will come.
who knows what could happen next.

okay i have disected the entire theory and have to say you need a little more info on this. and something known as Spellcheck.
Kuronbou Toraneko
It could become like Blue Sub 6. Labtech X has created a breed of super mutant zombies and floods gaia with them.
wasnt he the guy selling the Antidote for the Zombie thing?
I just PMed a friend who decided to look into the journal does anyone know the name of an Actual G-Corp Scientist?
I love the thought you put into your theory... I reallly hope that would be how it happened because it sounds so awsome but I guess we will have to wait and see no?
This will be an awesome way to start the battle system smile I really hope it happens.....then again maybe not

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