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If you go to Gambino Island...Look at the two bars that are showing how close we are to the next surprising update to Gaia. If you look to the side of both bars...you'll see that their just the perfect amount of room to fit another bar! Hopefully their will be another bar....that means MORE UPDATES ! YAY!!!!
I have a feeling that it is going to take a loooong while before this bar ever is full.
Every Gaian is going to end up broke by the end of this.
<center>Actually, when the first bar was still there, someone took the Url and put the number 2 instead of 1, that showed the extended bar in which wasn't shown yet.

I tried putting 3 in the URL but that didn't work. sweatdrop
Well, another section of the map has been added, I wonder what they're going to do with it other than the Mansion/Skyscraper thingy. SO that two bars, two new sections of the map, and still no idea what's going to be inside other than trouble.
Oog, I hope there isn't a third bar.
There is no third bar. neutral I think a mod mentioned it once, I don't remember where.
I guess pretty much clears things up then! Thats good cause I really think people are getting super poor cause ofthis lol!
Midnite Storm
Every Gaian is going to end up broke by the end of this.

i have anticipated that, and i have only donated 500gold!
i dont think that there is a third bar. i hope there isn't i just want this bar to fill up and it doesn't look like it's moved in ages
I don't think it really matters how much gold you spend. There are people who have spent over a million. What does it matter? It goes to something.
I think it is a countdown. I don't think it matters how much you put in. It is counting down to the next event or release or something... ninja
ha you have just been bumped, have a nice day blaugh
I don't think there will be a third bar because the second one is never going to get full. People stopped donating.
Wouldn't you guys want another bar? I mean....it means Gaia is going to add to things....what if their both the casino and the battle dome?!

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