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emotion_kirakira emotion_kirakira emotion_kirakira
beeeeeest item
i was hoping for something like this
but i didn't think gaia'd go for it
and this halo is so much cuter than the original
and baby little wings yessss 4laugh
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click on the chocolates again for a new chocolates box item too!!! :O
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Why can't I click mine?!

Obviously a minor glitch :3

Anyway... Lovely item there, Gaia! Now I can't choose! And I probably never will.
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Ugh. Gaia really spoiled us rotten this year! LOVE YOU SO MUCH GAIA! The downside, I can't decide which one to get. *pulls hair out*
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I personally like the idea, people wanted mini's, halo's, wings, etc. We got them in one big blow Gaia is a bro.
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I love it. Very adorable.
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I would discuss it if I could find it in my invo, seems to have disappeared. Looked nice though.

Special tab

have to choose

Thankyou, so very much!
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Tragic l2abbit
somebody equip the angelic.. i wanna seeeee xd

so tiny, that's kinda cute ^^
/has angelic o:
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Such a beautiful day! ILU GAIA emotion_kirakira
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I love it. emotion_dowant
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So sweet, Gaia! smile
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castigat ridendo mores
Tragic l2abbit
somebody equip the angelic.. i wanna seeeee xd

so tiny, that's kinda cute ^^
/has angelic o:

thank you heart

usually I favor demonic items but this a case of must have both.
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Was somewhat expecting a variation of the soot face when I saw it was under the Special tab gonk . Anyhow, the items seem very classic Gaia, which is nice to see.
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It's really cute! Thank you, Gaia! <3
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This item is everything wonderful in a compact package! What a way to see us out!

And yay for having a mule so I could get both sets biggrin

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