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I think is wonderful!
I actually like it.
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Gaia outdid itself! <3
Thanks Gaia, for the awesome gift!
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To Whom It May Concern,

The little mini halos are so adorable! Thanks Gaia



Lady Xem 〜♪
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I was hoping for an aquarium rock EI but this is good too biggrin
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These are great and so useful. Gaia outdid themselves with this little freebie.
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And just last week I was hoping that it would be mini halo's, and we got them.
I love them so much for that! heart
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Aaaah, so cute! I'm so glad they weren't soulbound~

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Most of the items during this event have been a hit and each one has a lot of nostalgia attached to it. Everything they made for each year was very appropriate, and I love it. heart 3nodding
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These items couldn't be a more perfect way to celebrate the first year of Gaia.
Gaia, you're so awesome; I can barely contain my appreciation for you!

I went with the Mini Angelic Halo & Winglets. Ugh, they're so cute. whee
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The two best items were bringing back the B.O.O. skin and these little winglets + mini halos! emotion_bigheart I knew immediately I wanted the Angelic set! whee
There are such as nice addition if you want an angelic or demonic outift. I love them, they are so cool to look at.
Thank you Gaia for a great items to commemorate for the year of 2003
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Such an amazing pair of items! emotion_kirakira
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I absolutely LOVED this item. The halo/wing minis are by far my most favorite freebie ever received on gaia. whee heart heart heart
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This item is so amazing! heart Glad I have a mule because I got the angel halo/wings on that one. 3nodding By far my favorite item of this event, besides the diamond rose. whee

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