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Halo and Mini Winglets.

Discuss the last item. DISCUSS IT.

Personally, I like it. It's confusing but rather cute.

EDIT: Sorry, for those who are lost on where to find it, it's in the Special tab. You choose either Angelic or Demonic.

ALSO: Deluxe Box of Chocolates come from the sparkles that show up on your chocolates if you collected everything every day.
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you click the box of candy after the year grant?
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I would discuss it if I could find it in my invo, seems to have disappeared. Looked nice though.
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+.♦.+ La Loba +.♦.+

I would talk about it..but like....the item is not showing up in my inventory. emo

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Go under your special tab. You have to pick between angelic and nitemare.
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Guess now we have to wait for the 20th anniversary whee

The halo goes behind most hats though so that kind of sucks :< But hey
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Hint for everyone having trouble finding it:
it's a 'Special' item,
you can open it and pick one of two sets 3nodding

It's the perfect anniversary gift, I'd say.
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i about pooped myself when i saw it
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Man, not only do you get the mini sets and the chocolates if you got all the previous prizes, but if you log out and log back in, you get an achievement too. Thanks Gaia!
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somebody equip the angelic.. i wanna seeeee xd

so tiny, that's kinda cute ^^
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Yeah, pretty much made of win.
Way beyond what I expected
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Love it! Just wish we could wear the wings/halo separately XD
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love love love it! XD
so cute!
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99% sure we were trolled. But then we're missing an item since I didn't receive 2 today (the bonus for all 10 days.) :/

Nvm got it C: Best item ever.
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I would discuss it if I could find it in my invo, seems to have disappeared. Looked nice though.

Special tab

have to choose

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