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I am pretty damn stringy with my money, so I rarely buy GC. On the plus side, it means I am sitting on a nice lump of money. On the negative, it means I can never get the really pricey items. That's alright, though, 'cause the cheaper items are nice too.
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It's the individual's responsibility to know their means and stay within them. Even with all of Gaia's cash pushes, it isn't their fault if someone has poor financial management skills. That said, I don't spend money I don't have and I don't spend any money on recreation until all of my expenses have been paid and I've put aside some money into my savings. Actually, I'm not a big fan of credit cards in general. I only have one so I can build up my credit score. If I could, I'd just use a debit card.
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I wanted the copperbelle, but I'm working. In fact, the only 500 gc item I can get this week might be Keiko's cake. Suffice to say, I'm not spending what I don't have to. I've already done 5 Best Buy earn adds.
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Quit bragging.

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