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" Target acquired. "

              »»» I only used to spend rampantly when it wasn't my money.
              And then one day I woke up and realized they were all just pixels on a computer screen, and I stopped.

" Shutting down. "
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I'd never waste half of my paycheck on pixels...Just maybe 100 dollars emotion_awesome

Besides I hope you remember that you only get your holiday work increase until 12'0 clock XD Because the second it hits 12, you're not working holiday hours anymore, and just a graveyard shift lol rofl And the worst part is...You can't return pixels lol
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I can't wait for my first paycheck. :S But, that's not gonna be awhile. Sigh you're so lucky
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I used to i probably spent thousands in the past 9 years. I dont spend money anymore because i dont have the extra cash to spend
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I honestly would have offered up $50 of commission money again this year for the black and white demon alicorn, just as I had last year with buying Onei (which I still own and love).

But... I'm personally just too nervous to bother putting even a single dollar into this site anymore.

The increased focus on cash has me a bit paranoid in if it's a worthy purchase or not--even if it's a 'for keeps' purchase like my Onei was.

Until I see a change in Gaia focusing on the users rather than our wallets, I will not be contributing to these sales, no matter how tempting. I'd rather take my fiance out to dinner and a movie for the same price. Doesn't last long, but the experience/memory is nice.

Good on you for your large spending though. If you have the money to burn, then why not, I guess.
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[********] heart
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this thread is fascinating. must heart
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evelyn greenleaf
this thread is fascinating. must heart
thank you smile
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~ ♥
====================================== ♥ ~

I used to buy pixels with my time (aka cash tree videos and daily treats.)
Now they've stopped working for me.
Oh well, not a big deal since recent events have made we want to spend less and less time and money here.

~ ♥
====================================== ♥ ~
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Even if I had that sort of money (and trust me I did go a bit overboard on the last big scheduled sale), I wouldn't blow it in such a big shot. I've learned there are too many things in life that are more important than a game.
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All of my money is accounted for each month, on bills, rent and food. I would not ever, even If I could max out a credit card on Gaia. gonk

There's so much more I could blow it on irresponsibly that'd be much more satisfying. Truthfully tho, I started neutral but I'm starting to lean towards the never buying cash again side.
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I'm very comfortable financially and I would never spend more than $50 on Gaia or any other site that sells virtual items. It just seems like a waste to me. These things aren't real. If I really want something and don't have enough gold, I'll just draw or something.

I worked my butt off for this money, and I still work very hard every day. I'm posting at 5:30 AM because I wake up at 4 to go to work -- and I don't stop until 10 or 11 PM. I'll be working today (Thanksgiving) until dinner time.

I would never spend my hard earned money on pixels. Now, if Gaia needed help because they're in financial trouble, I would happily write them a check, because I enjoy this site and I like being here. But they are not in any trouble, and I feel that the prices they're putting on these items is much too high. If I spent $50 on LINE Play I'd be able to furnish my whole house. $100 would furnish my house and dress my avatar. That's reasonable. $50 or $100 or $1000 for a single item? Not so much.
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Gaia didn't tell you to SPEND your money, you spent it. Change your title because it just makes you sound like a little kid, and irresponsible. Also your credit score is going to hurt after that one, they are going to see you spend your money on "fake items online" in end your score will fall. :T Good luck recovering.
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Nah, I'm not that crazy for pixels, or at least strive to exercise caution and moderation when it comes to money in general; while every once in a blue moon gambling it on RIGs.

Besides, I've decided to just ignore the sales completely; having enough to sustain with in this economy.
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I have a debit card, no credit, so I can only spend cash I actually have :p
I still spend waaaaay too much on Gaia anyway.

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