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WTB permanent option.
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Angelic Fairy

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now we should all get a free angelic halo as a memorial gift 4laugh
I wouldn't say "no" to that. xd
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Demonic Detective

Thread worthy.
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Gaia should throw in random errors to give it that more nostalgic feel.
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Enchanted Blue
Whoa so that's what old Gaia used to look like O.O
Yep, with sushi errors in tact
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Lonely Athlete

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Gaia keep goin.
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I remember that I thought main page looked a bit lame when I first joined in 2003....

I agree. It is quite nostalgic though biggrin
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Eloquent Lunatic

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Enchanted Blue
Enchanted Blue
Whoa so that's what old Gaia used to look like O.O
plus lots of random crashes sometimes

Oh man, that would've drove me bonkers haha
Once or twice the site was down for a whole day. Chaos in the streets

I was happy when it only went down for a day. If things got REALLY borked you could have been looking at a downtime of three days or more.

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