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I remember that the users did petition about having other poses for legs, people thought it was unlikely because of all the work that would be involved.
I'm glad there was a way around that though.
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Sparkling Senshi

I don't mind skin potions at all.
But leg mods.. Just no.
I don't know why, but most leg mods look really silly on our obviously chibi base.
Especially long thin legs. It just irks me, a lot.
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I still love imps. I have two old roleplay mules who are imps some or all of the time.
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I've been waiting for bleeding stumps and was happy to see such pose in Antipathy. Body mods have gone a long way. They're very nice but they limit how many items I can use in the part of the body where it is used (except for most skins). I'm not a huge fan of them, especially tiny leg mods but the others look really good.
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I love the mods that make the wait smaller and the ones that also make the hips appear larger.

I never get sick of using them on my avis~
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Bookish Hellraiser

My favorite skin's the new light vampire skin. Works perfectly well as a really pale human skin.

As for leg mods, my favorite's the one form the Petit Cherie. I find it hard making an outfit without it anymore.

When it comes to hand mods, there aren't many I can use, but I like the ones that give the female base five fingers rather than the messy blob of a hand they have.
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Cute General

Some of the body mods make male avis look far too feminine for my liking but to each their own..

Since some people are listing their favorite skin I'll list my favorite skin which is the '04 Zombie skin. heart
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Shadowy Rogue

        I have a love/hate relationship with skins and mods. I feel like gaia should make more skins out there. An all-skins/body mod RIG would be a dream come true honestly.

        I think with skins they're really a hit or miss these days. Those halloween skin potions were alright, but not worth the cost and also they weren't that original nor well made. Making a shop update with more skins would be amazing.

        But in the way of mods, I think they're always geared so heavily toward one gender or the other. The only gender-neutral ones are the Ringmaster legs I think. It's also annoying that you can't wear skirts with some, or coats with most arm mods.
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Apocalyptic Powerhouse

I really love mods. I'm even wearing arm mods right now.
Legs mods are awesome too like Nice style for work, vampire sound, heart x mind..it just gives the avatar a sort of 3Dish feel to it to have it floating in mid air for example.
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Buggy Mage

My favorite skin is the imaginary skin in imaginary friend. Is pure white and has a really crisp feel to it. Id probably use white body dye but its not an option at the moment. Still, I like the see-through quality of the imaginary skin though. 3nodding

As a side note, I don't know if anyone else feels the same but I sorta wish they made more chair items and more seated leg poses to go with them. There's only a couple that really look alright so far, one is the Djinn Baharat and other is the Blind Oracle, id like to see a gaming chair or a fine wooden chair or maybe even a War-room chair and reclining chair. More items with seated poses are on my list of wishes.
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I'm a big fan of skin potions. I dont regret for one second shelling out the sticks for my current skin, and it isn't going anywhere anytime soon
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Manly Cub

Skin 'n bodymods really depend on the character

For skin I like using actual flesh tone if not pure white or purply-gray (but I can't reach the same effect some other avatar have)

I only use bodymods to get toothpick legs but that can depend on the avatar

Kuinochi Chaos and NSFW have the best bodymods imho
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Shy Cutie-Pie

My character is never without a body mod, it enhances my emotion and character. It's just what i like to do.
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Invisible Hoarder

I wasn't around much when Grombies roamed about...
But usually, the only skins I use are the Black Body Dye and skins from Yemaya's Pearl.
(Though, is the body dye considered skin? I've never changed my avi's species [e.g. gimpi, centaur, etc.] if that's what you meant.)
I've started to love leg mods ever since I changed to the male base. Long legged mods, yessss. <3
Freakin' default male body is so chunky. I actually wish there was a mod to make the shoulders smaller. LOL.
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gaia_nitemareleft gaia_crown gaia_nitemareright
I dislike a lot of them.

Leg body mods are the ickiest.

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