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Animals on heads have to be, like, the best thing ever. xD It's one thing that drew me to Gaia.
I liked that weird objects or creatures could be placed on avi heads. It's cute & weird at the same time.
One of my first goals on Gaia was to get a KiKi Kitty so I could place her on my head. Ah, memories.
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    Well, it does help to keep your hands free. I join a lot of people in saying that I don't wear my animals atop my head. But I still feel like I'll use it one day. Dunno.
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Sometimes it can throw the avatar look off and other times it's fine
I've got no problem with things on my head as long as it looks nice
I like when critters are made in such a way where they're interacting with being on your head
like the companion in Memory Mortality or Alruna's young form in Alruna's Rose
otherwise they're just standing on your head and that true is a little silly looking
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Most Gaians make their living collecting gold from fish in clamshells balanced on their head; apparently our avatars are masters of cranial equilibrium.
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Is it possible to have a Book on your head? sweatdrop

I think that's the only thing that we don't actually have. xd

The most awkward looking one I think is that old Christmas tree on your head.
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... i honestly think having an animal on your head is less strange than having, uh, an animal hat on.

"Look, I skinned and stretched out this hamster head just to wear atop my head. What a great idea, right?" biggrin

The leaf on the head is pretty strange too, but I know it's a Ragnarok Online reference so I never thought much about it.
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I dont generally put things on my head that dont really belong there. Like animals and such. To me they almost always look awkward. Though i do own the cheese bao thingy and the spilled book pages one. lol.

But i would like some panda ears for my head please.
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If it layers over shade hats, give me all of it. I don't mind. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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I wish the Slender item had a head pose so I could wear the doll on my head.
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Is it possible to have a Book on your head? sweatdrop

I think that's the only thing that we don't actually have. xd
Actually, we can XD I love using that pose when I'm overwhelmed with stuff to study gonk heart

I love head poses XD I put anything up there, I'm super sad we can't put the tiny Coyote from the Coyote Brothers there :C every other pet has the pose and I love the Kitten Star one <3

I do think having sushi accesories and no holdable sushie was really silly though . 3.;

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Anything with tentacles and claws look weird... and perfect for certain themes.
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I tend to like the animal poses on your head, since sometimes the bottom of your avi can look a little cluttered with them or they hide your face when you hold them.

Unfortunately, we really lack a lot of normal head accessories, like head bands, more hair pins (flowers anyone?), and more items that layer over hats.

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I love how they create cute things for us to put on our heads. My favorites are the cute little animals.
I think they do that because back when Gaia was first created Ragnarok Online was pretty popular with some of the artists. In Ragnarok back then, the only thing you could easily change about the appearance of your character was the headgear, like putting on a bunny band or angel wings on your head and I think there was some sort of animal or something, I forgot.
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I don't mined having things on my head and I do find some of them cute.

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