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Ugh. I don't know how to feel about this. Way back when I first heard Gaia was making a site for adults, I was excited an interested. Now that they've ruined the economy here and annoyed the crap out of everyone, I don't know if I really want to join another site run by these same people. I can't stand the way they do things. Not only that, but my first thought was that the site looks way too much like Tumblr. If I wanted to go on Tumblr, well... I'd just go on Tumblr. And I don't even really care much for Tumblr at all. It's not really my thing I guess. On top of that, I don't really care for the avatar style much at all. They are way too big. The ones here on Gaia are a lot prettier and cuter. I'm torn as to whether I should join or not, since I am curious about the site but I just don't want the same disappointment that I know is inevitable from the company running these sites. It's really a shame because for years I've wanted to join an avatar site that was geared more to adults.
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Memes are not adult oriented. Spouting Memes is barely "18+" or "adult". I am pretty sure the site's novelty will wear thin
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Just went on the site to check it out. I was thinking Gaia, only for adults, fun avatars, more mature discussions, etc....what do I see? A badly made Facebook with Avatars. No thank you. If I want to Facebook, I'll Facebook.
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That website is EXACTLY what they wanted Gaiaonline to be I think, or it is the direction they wanted to take Gaia in maybe. I think that's what they wanted.
Wow... I had no clue they were making something like this.
I was interested until I saw it. That style of avatar is just not appealing at all to me. neutral
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Ew, god no, I don't like. Though that's just me being totally biased towards Gaia's anime-styled avatars rather. gonk

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