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Such a shitty site and it's hard to believe this is what all the money has been going towards,it has most certainly not been going towards gaiaonline because they haven't done jack with the money they get except use it to make cash shop items and i'll just completely ignore that.

Yeah,no. I'm sticking with this horribly run site,I have no interest in starting all over again on a new one.
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It's the kind of website we built as a university project. It's interesting, but it's also a very misplaced investment. I looks super amateur in a "let's use as many Web 2.0/social networking features as we can!! people like those!!" way and ugh. No. Just no.
Dear lord, it is the same contact information. eek


Different phone number, though.
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levels? bye
"newb"? by e
it looks like tumblr and gaia mashed together
and the both your neighbor and their dog s**t on it

the avatars are nicely drawn and all but no
they're not well fitted to be 'bases'

everyone's far too accustomed to a cute lil pixels
and all the money they've spent and lost
on this shitty elaborate dress up game of a forum website
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Looks like some tryhard social networking thing. No thank you.

Yeah,this new site SCREAMED trying too hard, and desperation.
Oh my God, searching this new site. I'm so full of wut it's ridiculous. rofl
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      laughing at the fact that 80% of the items cost rl $$$
      i snagged a good u/n but idk about this
      it just looks like tumblr? i already have a tumblr.

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Ren Orenji Doragon

It's ooooopeeeeeeeeeen.~

In my opinion, Gaia's trying to be too much at once with this. The avatars are not quite what I prefer, but...

What do you think, GCD? o3o

Edit: Yes, this is from Gaia. Says so riiiiiight here --& http://tentacl.com/legal/privacy

gaia_spoons ..do I even have to?

Seems about right emotion_awesome
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signed up just to snipe my username. place looks dumb.

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It looks pretty horrible.
Now, I have signed up and looked around, It is pretty terrible... just wow.
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Just snagged a good username, doubt I'll use it though. emotion_awesome
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looks like tumblr with an avatar lol
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I'm not over the website icon yet
its a tentacle. I think gaia wanted this site to be for porn or something. lol
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I've seen it. And didn't like it.

Too much graphic pics.
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I have to admit, the avatars are sexy.
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It would of been better looking if they mimiced the Gaia Avatar art style some
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this. the only reason i've stuck with gaia so long is bc of the cute avatars.

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