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Tentacl beta

It's ooooopeeeeeeeeeen.~

In my opinion, Gaia's trying to be too much at once with this. The avatars are not quite what I prefer, but...

What do you think, GCD? o3o

Edit #idk: Yo guys, seriously, don't post the NSFW content here. U: You guys do realize that Gaia Online is 13+ riiiiight?

Edit: Yes, this is from Gaia. Says so riiiiiight here --> http://tentacl.com/legal/privacy
This Website is brought to you by Gaia Interactive, Inc.

fyi, I am NOT saying "go sign up hurr" I'm just pointing out that this is the 18+ site Gaia has been talking about. razz

Edit again: good job, guys. Looks like you crashed the site. lol Maybe check once in a while to see if it's back up? Just don't F5F5F5F5F5F5 all the time, k? XD

Editing AGAIN for the upenteenth time: I am not linking directly to NSFW content, though there may be some there... Please be wary of that, guys. This is akin to me linking to my Tumblr or FurAffinity accounts. There may be NSFW content on those sites, but it is not directly accessible through the main page... or shouldn't be, anyways. Thanks.

Editeditedit: Yes, I realize there's a d**k on the front page. This really should not be showing for people logged out, so I'm de-linking it. Privacy Policy will remain linked for proof of connection to Gaia Interactive. =_=;;

gaia_spoons ..do I even have to?
Spoon edit: Let's keep this on topic, guys -- do you think this new website is the reason we've been having so many Cash Shop announcements? Do you think Gaia Interactive, Inc. is really this desperate for money or not? Do you think Tentacl was created for Reapersun? Help me come up with better discussion points relating this to Gaia Online? ;-;
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Is that it?

I'm sticking to Gaia.
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Is that really the new website?!!
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Is that really it?
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Tentacles hehehe redface
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Now everyone can shut the ******** up about it
Is that really the new website?!!
Yuh. o3o
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I... I don't think I care for it.
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My brain is so full of what right now.

Is this what's folks funds from this site has been going towards?
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what, wait.
Seriously? is this seriously it?
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so it's gaia + nsfw and non-inflated economy
ok who cares

love the interface tho
it's beta so it's bare bones but damn
i wish gaia would focus on gaia and things could be so much better
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Oh god please say you are joking.
This is a joke right....right?

It's so bad.
And that name....
oh god.
gaia_crown gaia_diamond gaia_crown
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I'm scared to click the link. lol
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♥ ♥

I can't get excited about this really. Anything with levels instantly puts
me off and I don't even know why. But yeah, no interest from me. xd

the rats in the c e l l a r you know who you are
wow it's ******** garbage

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