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When did you first come to Gaia?

2003 0.21769911504425 21.8% [ 123 ]
2004 0.26725663716814 26.7% [ 151 ]
2005 0.16991150442478 17.0% [ 96 ]
2006 0.12920353982301 12.9% [ 73 ]
2007 0.11858407079646 11.9% [ 67 ]
2008 0.061946902654867 6.2% [ 35 ]
2009 0.021238938053097 2.1% [ 12 ]
2010 0.0035398230088496 0.4% [ 2 ]
2011 0.0053097345132743 0.5% [ 3 ]
2012+ 0.0053097345132743 0.5% [ 3 ]
Total Votes:[ 565 ]
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way back in 2003 is when i join. I joined gaia because of an ad in the street fighter comic book, been on every day since then.
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Divine Demigod

2007 so six years now pretty awesome. Hope this place keeps on chugging don't want to see it come to an end.
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Friendly Gaian

I've been with Gaia since 2005, though this account was made in 2006. My first one, I simply forgot the password for it after a few month hiatus I had to take due to life issues. I rediscovered my 2005 account and password though in an old notebook of mine and I just use it as a mule now since I've been on this account.
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Divine Senshi

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Been here since 2004. And this was one of the first avvies I ever had, though originally the hair was a different color. I decided to NOT use the original hair color as it made this already really bad avatar even WORSE.

OH SCREW IT! I'm going with a slightly less embarrassing avvie, this is just horrible.
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2OO5! I was inactive for the most part of early
2O11/12 because of school but I'm starting to
get back onto Gaia more often now. c:
I joined right after graduating from high school. This was my first account, then I moved on to my current one.
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Mega Nerd

Used to be a spammer and did all sorts of illicit stuff during 2003 and 4, and finally gave the site a chance when I grew up in 2005 under an actual account that wasn't to spam or get banned.

2006-2008 is a black spot though due to being absent for real life stuff.
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Eternal Grunny

I've been here since 2004.
I'll admit that I haven't been active the whole time.

But this is my first account, I survived being hacked twice.
I don't think I'll ever really quit. Gaia has been one of my escapes sometimes.

I'm really excited about this event.
And really happy for Gaia. Being around for 10 years! I never would have thought...
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Omnipresent Glitch

Ah... it was 2007, when I first wandered here. I'm wearing two important items! My first quest, and my second one. A whip of ice for Franziska, and a cape for Firion.

Though I lurk now, and my original account has been lost to the ages, Gaia is still important to me. It taught me about roleplay, for one! biggrin
I've gone through several accounts now but I originally started around December 2011 near the time of the Underland Chance Item.
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Smitten Spirit

          I joined in October of 2004.
          A friend of mine had actually just found out about the site a month or so
          before that and talked me into making an account. I was moving to a new
          town and Gaia was going to be our way of staying in contact with each other.
          That friendship still holds up today and both of us are still around the site.
          Thanks for helping keep us bros, Gaia. < 3

          This site has also helped me a s**t tone in terms of art progress and inspirations~
[hobbles in]
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Shadowy Rogue

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[hobbles in]

Hot damn, DJ's! I once almost traded some Nitemare Minis for those, but they ended up getting stolen by some double-crossing friend.
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Popular Poster

End of 2004.

I'm wearing my dream avatar sans OMG.
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Girl-Crazy Cat

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2005! Thanks to someones neopets profile XD

I was like "gaia?" she must be on there all the time... /stalks

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