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inb4 shitloads of dislikes from butthurt GCDers who cant deal with it

as you can see,gaia is doing a lot of stuff to make users spend g-cash lately
re-releasing the halo,the fluff event bundle,and lately that club verge thing. what's next,a brothel filled by female NPCs and lanzer's cat? -would bang sam-

i checked that club penguin or something site once,and boom
everything for "member" users
you cant even buy normal items for normal gold if you are not one.
some nice logic.

so,dont be like "oh my what is hapinink !!!!" if they ask you to spend gcash to post.

100gc per thread. lol
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Well luckily I don't make many threads. 3nodding
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" Target acquired. "

              »»» You are forgetting to mention the new first time GCash spender/buyer bonus and the fact that the shop front page automatically brings the users to either the cash shop or Club Verge, depending on their status.

              We also already have the option to spend 100GC when we post. It is called "Promote my Post."

" Shutting down. "
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They are just items, man. Relax. cool
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It sounds to me like they're just trying to pick up some financial slack. Honestly, it's not too unusual. Semi-annual sales at places like Bath and Body Works are pretty much the same idea. "Here's a whole bunch of limited time items for a specific price! Please buy them in bulk so we can ensure we make enough money to start with positive numbers at the beginning of the fiscal year!"

If Gaia needs money, then they need money. At least these items and services are optional! Sure, you have lots of options to spend gc, but if it keeps Gaia running and free for everyone to use, what does it matter if you have options to spend cash?

That's kind of like getting mad at a mall for having more stores open up in it. You don't HAVE to pay to go in a mall and to socialize there, but if you want any of the fancy stuff the stores have, you have to pay for it somehow. Asking to have LESS options just seems goofy.
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Brothel coming soon. lol

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Adnama Lavode
Brothel coming soon. lol

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Oh my goodness.
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Brothel coming soon. lol

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Now presenting: The REAL Gaians Gone Wild!
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Internet = ability to see the future apparently.
please deposit 5 cents for the next two minutes or your account will be terminated...thank you!
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Except you can buy almost every single item on the site with gold. It might take a lot of gold, but you can buy everything without spending a penny of real money. And for the few items that can't be sold in the marketplace, it's because they're soulbound to those accounts and you wouldn't be able to buy them with cash anyways.

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So you're just gonna chill in this topic huh? xd

j/k While I find the prices for some items annoying, especially when the word 'sale' or 'exclusive' is weaved into it, I understand what the site needs in order to run, plus I have no desire to have them. Which is why I make weird face when people grip about items that they can't have 'right now' at their call.
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Brothel coming soon. lol

We will show you lewd pictures of Gaia NPC's if you fill out our survey designed to help us figure out how to best wring more money out of your pockets.
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please deposit 5 cents for the next two minutes or your account will be terminated...thank you!

I always knew AutoCa$h was just a really dumb way to say Direct Deposit... But I bet on Gaia it doesn't waive any of the annual fees cat_xp
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Adnama Lavode
Brothel coming soon. lol

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I can stare into my crystal ball and see Gaia's company a few years from now. Gaiaonline will have closed down by then and they'll be running their sleazy 18+ site, full of weirdos discussing lewd topics and cybering in the flash spaces. Lots of perverts running around and ***** preying on the kids who lied about their age to get in. All of it perfectly fine, of course, since it's 18+ now. Of course everybody will have to pay through the nose to be a part of such a wonderful community. And the few people from here who are still around will be thinking: Is this what that new CEO had in mind?

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