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maggie iratus
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In the news? WTF?
I'll bet no one goes there.

I'm assuming you didn't look in the forum before making that bet. It's actually quite active.
ive actually spent the last few days in the "in the news" section reading up on stuff.
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In the news was created specifically because people were posting spam news topics in every other forum when something big happened.

And no, you can't "like, post it in here". This forum isn't just some rando-post place. That'd be the Chatterbox.

Besides "rarely used" does not mean "never used". If there are people using it, then it should stay.

What does it hurt you to have them there, really?
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I'd rather they would just enforce the rules more on the GD really.
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You kill GD and all the trolls will spill everywhere else.

Edit: Seriously, it's like the appendix of the gaia forums.

King of all Douchebags
I can understand ED- politic,s**t stuff subforum but GD?

Who the heck go to "casual"sub forum?
In the news? WTF?
I'll bet no one goes there.

Not just GD.
I can imagine many more subforums where rarely there's anyone even bother to go.

If the topic is broad, why bother post in subforum when you can post like here?

GAIA online really need to check on the rarely used sub-forum and permanently end them. It's like a freakin white elephant.
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You don't kill forums on a forum website.
If even one person is using it, it literally does not hurt the site to keep it up.
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I really wish people would do a little research before making topics like this. stare

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