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Cute Girl

PLEASE, god yes


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Maybe in Skin Tyte.
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Maybe in Skin Tyte.

Haha! NOPE.

If gaia can make some dosh they gonna
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Riot Jinx
Maybe in Skin Tyte.

Haha! NOPE.

If gaia can make some dosh they gonna

At least the non-human skins.
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Merry Bunny

the nose from Baby, Oni-ly You in regular skin tones what do I have to do for this please

/lays down

the fool noses sit too low on the face scream
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User Image
Absolutely. I really thought that we'd see more basic face mod items come out after Masquerade was released.
So many possibilities.
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I've thought this since they started making the mouth and arm specific items. Not enough things have nose poses! I love giving my avatars noses so much that they look really odd to me without them now!
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i just noticed that i was accidentally collecting nose items, i guess i'm just really desperate for them

oni-ly you was a cool addition but i don't have the much use for a big blue nose like that
and masquerade and the clown noses in chloe/phoebe the fool are cute but kind of awkward to me
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Whilst I agree that default noses would probably be poor quality, this does not and should not be the case. There is no hard and fast rule that everything from the gold shops or dress-up page has to be of poorer quality. It is something that has happened because we have allowed it to become so.
Noses are very simplistic and small items, it would require minimal effort to create antialiased and shaded noses compared to pixel art designs. The long term pay-off in terms of user satisfaction would off-set any loss from cash sales. Such simple things can win back the confidence of a user who may remain on the site and spend cash in the future. I would liken it to a cafe where money is spent on pleasant decor and table dressings - patrons stay longer and spend more money.
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They should make more nose items for the people that want them. I would not use them myself though. I like the cuteness of the small dot on my anime-face of the avatar. I'm also so used to seeing avatars without noses that seeing a few right now with a nose is really weird looking. o_O

I've always enjoyed the idea of facial features that are more easily accessible, and in a variety of tones and shapes. I used to wear the Sharaku Nose, an item I still enjoy. I've seen quite a few different noses that were part of an evolving item, or of an entire face, but to have an item that was exclusively noses would be wonderful.
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Loyal Kitten

I have yet to find a nose on here that didn't look like a huge overripe pimple or wasn't hideous. I like noses in theory, but nothing has been made yet that has interested me. That said, it is something they should offer. I'd prefer it to be in ST or even Loyal's but they'll be a CS thing. Though having some offered in ST and some for cash might be a good compromise that Gaia might do.
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Tipsy Fatcat

i'd really like to use a nose similar to "greenleaf the naturalist" , if not the exact same nose.
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Mewling Kitten

They do have some nose mods, but they just don't look right haha

I really want an eyebrow mod though sad
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Melodious Singing

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I really want an eyebrow set.

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