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I just want a really simple nose that isn't retardedly shaded gonk
Our avis are based off of anime chibis, and when they have noses it's a tiny sloped line, however on gaia they look nothing like that.
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omg, i would KILL for more nose items. I don't care where they come from, I don't care if I have to pay cash for them, I just want them! gonk
I particularly would like a cute upturned nose or something!

Unfortunately though, gaia (and, from what I've gathered from other threads like this, most gaians) seems to think that noses are unholy abominations that ruin any cuteness or charm an avatar could have. I don't know if there's enough of a demand that such an item will ever be released.

I'm not holding my breath, anyways. :C
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uuuuugh yes
noses to match all the skin colors, noses in ALL shapes and sizes (the few we have either look ridiculous or are lil tiny button noses like dang it i need variety) that aren't attached to eyes or mouths
my avvie is based on one of my ocs and i wanted a nice nose for her so bad and god when the face-mod for the centurion came out i was SO STOKED but then it layered really weird and the eyes just looked out of place and crazy :////

while we're at it give us some eyebrows too. >:I if we can get like 3842789740674 kinds of eyes that half the time just look totally alike but have 'slight variations' then yall can give us some noses and eyebrows >BI
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I'd love to see nose sets.
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Correction: Gaia needs to add noses to the avatar customization screen, much like mouths are. Not sell them for cash.

Sure, but they will look really 1-bit like the other options, lol. I rather them sell high quality versions instead of being like settling for these 1-bit versions.

... or they could just have the hq versions for free.

but, as it shows, that won't happen.
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antipathy gives you a faint nose and i can't live w/out it
i want it in more skin tones, it'd be even better if it was for gold but you know gaia
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YES! I would adore more noses. Nose of all shapes, sizes and colours!!
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I already like the noseless look, but it would make sense to have customizable noses like we do with other features.
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Eehhhh, I personally don't think noses fit the style of chibi Gaia uses, but if people want it I don't understand why they couldn't sell it. I just would never equip it myself (the noses available are hideous), but the option should be there for others.
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Yes. I want all the noses. reapersun seems to be the only artist that even bothers with noses, and I love her for it.
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yes. please.

the only reason i had two masquerades until i gave up my flesh form was so i could keep a nose and still wear another piece of makeup, that's basically the only/cutest nose that i know of and it only comes in, what? four, five tones? unacceptable. plus i haven't checked but the positioning of a bunch of faces these days looks like the masquerade nose would be placed weird anymore (eyes just keep getting lower and lefter).

more noses besides the "witch" hook noses, goblin noses, and pinocchio noses please.
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we really need a multi-pose nose item. i will cry tears of joy when we do get it idek emotion_donotwant
i have to have a nose on almost every avatar i make because it's just too weird w/o one :^( i don't like that weird circle of nothing in the middle of the face.

noses please crying
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Part of the reason I want a latter day item is because of the noses are so nice. I'll just have to keep using iron john for when I want to smell something.
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Yesss, noses, give them to me.
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" A Houngan is wandering, away from its swarm. "

              ||| There are item noses though. Masquerade has some and then there's a few others that are sold individually that you can equip or unequip like a regular item.

" The wandering Houngan logged out "

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