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none...taken...? i think...? it didn't really come off as an insult, in my head, and it gave me a good laugh, so yeah, i guess none taken.
I am genuinely worried, here, though, for the future of this site and how management's running it, and whatever new, possibly adult site it sounds like Gaia's going to be starting up.
who's Jessie Ventura, and why am I being compared to them?

Jesse Ventura is a batshit crazy (intentional) conspiracy theorist. The shows he hosted have a huge (intentional) comedy values.
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I'd be quite interested to see how an 18+ gaia would go and look. I remember the survey I took before this new one, where they had us choose art styles we liked/preferred, and why. So I'd be quite interested to see if they based the 18+ avatars on those kinds of styles or something. That'd be neat.
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Kitt Koneko
So this is from Gaia?

Maybe we are having a baby (spin off) website, and this is the name for the new site? Possibly an 18 and up site with avatars similar to Gaia's? I couldn't imagine Gaia changing their name so drastically after 10 years. Then again the past few months have been kind of hectic.
Yeah. I didn't think to take screen shots.
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this is what the email looked like

lol Maybe it is for an 18+ website I have no idea why so many half naked NPCs would be in this picture.

Yeah I saw the email on my phone and was like... GCD, please make that one image a topic. Cause like... that's the start of a good number of adult movies. rofl

I'm wondering where it would go, if there would be any sort of cross-over of sorts or if it would end up like the old love tower/personals sorta thing.
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Why the hell didn't they think about this to begin with!? twisted
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We're going porn here now?


Also... Imagine.me sounds like a password phishing website, that lures you in with the promise of lots of gold by giving your password, which is really common for non-Montenegro based websites these days cat_stare
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Once they make their 18+ website, perhaps they'll want to entice people from here to move over. I'm wondering what incentives they'll offer. If they have some sort of currency on the other site, maybe they'll let people trade in their gold and items for this other site's currency. Or maybe both sites will use the same gold and it would be interchangeable between sites. I can imagine many people will keep accounts on both sites.

I don't really think there's anything I'd want to do on an 18+ site that I can't do here since I'm not into discussing X-rated topics.

How would they verify age? That's another good question. I know there have been young kids under 13 who have made Gaia accounts. Lots have admitted it after they passed the required age. Anyone can lie and say they're 13 or 18 or whatever.

I have a feeling it, currency-wise, it will be a lot like IMVU, in that the vast majority of currency is bought using IRL money and almost all wearable items will require lots of said currency cat_neutral

Also, a lot of adult websites use credit cards to verify a person's age (and some very graphic adult dating sites, in the US, even require that you verified your age with a Driver's ID/State ID) cat_confused
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Even if it is for a separate product, I just dislike the names...2 sound like Tumblr ripoffs and one sounds like a name for a hentai anime theme. >.<

And I just don't want this site to crash if the new product (if it's the 18+ site, which I refuse to go to by the way in theory) takes everything away from the sole site itself..
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Not sure about this idea. I want to talk to more people my age but you just KNOW tweens and teens will try to access the 18+ stuff anyway because they think it's mature and hip. >_> How could gaia make sure to keep out the hormone raging young-ins from joining? Credit Cards? rofl
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Flarie Hanami
Not sure about this idea. I want to talk to more people my age but you just KNOW tweens and teens will try to access the 18+ stuff anyway because they think it's mature and hip. >_> How could gaia make sure to keep out the hormone raging young-ins from joining? Credit Cards? rofl


Legally, that's all they need.
That's how Newgrounds goes about this deal. :U
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my final comment on the survey was "there already is a great avatar based forums site - Gaia Online"
Maybe we should just suggest our own in the forums and hope someone sees it?.. cat_stare
Why are they making a new site? They barely have time for this one alone. I can only guess that It'll be like a website version of club verge where only paying members have access to new and extra content. Otherwise there simply is no reason for them to devote time to a whole new site when they're short handed as they are unless they intend to gain a lot from it. sweatdrop
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why are most of them misspelled gonk I wonder if it is a spin off website and if it us what will be different?
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Because going back to their core business and focussing on Gaia online = making a completely new site entirely? rolleyes

When have any users in SF or in an AtA asked Gaia for an 18+ website? Way to go listening to feedback. And as usual, instead of doing any of the things that users asked for, going off on a tangent to work on some ridiculous idea that somebody apparently dreamed up yesterday, and probably taking away resources from your 'core business' to do it, and if it fails (because you didn't actually stop to ask users if they'd even support this idea) I suppose Club Verge will have items for $10,000 because users will have to pay for something they never asked for or wanted. GJ Gaia. gonk
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Hmm, I don't know how to feel about it. I'd rather they focus resources on to getting back to Gaia in supporting, advertising and growing it.

I feel that separating the Gaia from 18+ is like driving the site down some more narrow audience root, Like they want to dumb down Gaia to cater for younger audiences and put more ads like 18+ horror movies on to the older site. The problem being, at least for me, part of what makes Gaia unique is the pastiche of older and younger users. Older users pull up the thinking of younger users, and younger users help older users have more fun!!

I don't think that making Gaia more geared to younger audiences will help monetay-wise... yes you can target much more, and yes on a older site you can charge more but I just don't feel it's helpful.

I'd be interested if I could port across my account to the older one and back again (i.e. same inventory and currency), but I don't know. I don't think an older geared site would offer me anything better than what we've already got. I just really don't want another project that doesn't turn out well, and that ultimately costs Gaia more money than it can afford. I don't see why we can't have a separate area on Gaia/linked to Gaia for those who want to discuss older issues rather than an entirely new site.

Something like Club Verge but for older people.

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