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Favorite Holiday scent

Peppermint 0.26470588235294 26.5% [ 27 ]
Cinnamon 0.14705882352941 14.7% [ 15 ]
Sugar Cookie 0.18627450980392 18.6% [ 19 ]
Pine Tree 0.30392156862745 30.4% [ 31 ]
Other 0.098039215686275 9.8% [ 10 ]
Total Votes:[ 102 ]
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Sparkly Inquisitor

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Many people have traditions around the holidays in real life, but do you guys have holiday traditions here on Gaia? whee
I dunno if I have a holiday tradition on Gaia besides dressing my main avi up for the holiday and doing holiday events. >>;

However, I do listen to Christmas songs whenever it's December every year.
Usually my holiday routine on Gaia consisted simply of dressing for the season, doing the holiday events and sending gifts to my Gaia friends.

This year I'm not too sure what to do exactly. I'd like to give gifts to a few people, but not many of my old friends are around on Gaia anymore.

I'll maybe do some random gifting to people I see being nice. ninja
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Sparkly Inquisitor

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  • Marathon 300
I dress my avatar in Christmas-y clothes as well. 3nodding

When it gets closer to Christmas I give gifts to my closest Gaia friends. heart
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  • Marathon 300
i gift my favorite people all the lucki amigo pants i collected over the year. emotion_awesome

(all joking aside, I usually buy my friends gifts, send them anonymously, and then i'm far too excited and usually give it away that they're from me.)
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Fashionable Shapeshifter

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I always partake in the random gift giving. I don't do it anonymously, or through a mule, like most....because I'm selfish and I really love getting the Thank Yous when people open their present. ;-;

I also try (key word :: TRY) to make festive outfits during the last week or so leading up to Christmas. But they're usually just so terrible.
Botan of Spirit World's avatar

Magical Spirit

I usually dress my avie up for Christmas and Winter themed depending on my mood througout the month. And collect the holdiay items for the year, check out the monthly collectible, rig and rapid evolving item yum_strawberrypie
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As far as I know of , the only traditions that I have is participating in the event and dressing up.
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Questionable Borg

I don't really have a Christmas routine.
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Original Gaian

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Holiday tradition on Gaia? Holiday Avatar > biggrin
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Cluttered Kitten

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User Image
I browse the forums, participate in the event & gift people mostly.
I made my holiday avi back in October & I've had it equipped since then.
It's hard holding back my excitement for the holidays. whee
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Salty Sailor

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This year, I plan on letting my house be used for a hangout during the holiday season.
I'll probably end up making this a tradition.
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Fluffy Girl

A Gaia tradition for me would be that for events I have to at least put on one event item. I really quite like the event items but at the same time I don't like to go overboard with the event items.

I can't wait to change into my Christmas outfit as well as that I also find it to be exciting to change into my event outfits.
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♫♫ I dress for the occasion and visit the holiday forum this year I'll be a bit busy doing something else but hopefully it'll be fun and will turn into a tradition emotion_yatta
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Noble Gaian

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Every year, me and my Breedable Pet Shop friends & shop regulars exchange Christmas Cards. We've done this for quite a few years now and the pictures always go up on the wall near my computer desk. Sometimes I participate in a gift exchange secret santa with people I met through this site as well.

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