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Timmy, Owlpocalypse, and Case of Pietro will not be finished evolving.
Reapersun will become ruler supreme of the art department and as a result there will be more Sherlock items.
The Alchemy system will not be fixed.
BidBlast will stay useless.
Kitties will no longer be the rare RIG pets – the hot new animal is the badger!
We will have more RIGs released per month.
zOMG! will be phased out.
Monster Galaxy will be sued by the Pokémon company and Gaia will lose a lot of money
Housing will be removed, as will Rally and Lotto (because seriously who even uses them)
Fishing will be made easier
The storylines will all end and Diedrich wins the universe

And still no backwings.
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-i will have quit
-maybe gaia will raise the age limit to 18?
-89 more kitty items
-new longer-limbed avatar bases with new items to go with, so you can choose which base to use
-million page thread will have reached a million
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I think that Gaia will turn into a proper "social network" out of necessity in order to stay alive. I just can't see a mere forum sticking around in another five years otherwise.
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I estimate we'll finally see a conclusion to the arc that started with Frontier Skies rofl
well maybe, 5 years will only see 10 major events.

addicted to cute s**t
I imagine avatars will be so complex with layering that it's like creativity started giving birth on top of Gaia.
I also imagine that Alchemy will become a big marketing opportunity to not only the rich, but to the middle class and poor.
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lol wtf i likke the items
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Hmm. I thought I posted in there...
I'll post here.

-Eventually all the primary NPC will have a backstory and profile.
-Old gold shop items from 03 and 04 will be updated with new pixel work.
-Another MC halo will come someday... maybe bronze.
-Gaia staff will grow a stronger backbone and do something about GD and LD.
-Gaia Online will problem change its name to something else involving Gaia.

-I'll still be here, with the same name.
-BOO skin will be released as an anniversary gift.
-Paper, flowers, ink and fish will have more uses with Alchemy.
-Being able to buy Gaia merchandise with Gaia Cash.
-Gaia will team up with Tekton (tektek.org) and they will further the layering system.

-Event will stop ending in a life death threatening situations.
-Another animated manga will be created... I actually would like this.
-Gambino returns as a young man.
-Timmy Ei will finish, and then go in reverse.
-Lanzer will become omnipotent
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In five years:

- alchemy will actually be useable.
- zomg will be hanging on its last thread; bidblast may actually get removed
- we will still complain about the plot
- the 'we will make a man out of gino' plot will be on its last arc; but will take three more years to actually finish said arc.
- less user activity
- more games coming out of gaia interactive... for facebook only
- new site layout
- android app finally surfaces
In five year...

The Case of Pietro will be done
Reapersun will create a sequel, CoP: The revenge of Pietro
Ian will dye is hairs blond again.
A new town will be created
The Zurgs will return to Gaia
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Mermaid Eater
Original thread: CLICK

So It hasn't been 5 years since the thread started, but it has been about 4.
If you look at the thread you'll see that a lot of those users were correct.
so what about from now? GaiaOnline.com 2k17

Will Gaia finally finish the CoP?
Will Good ol Pete finally get a home?
Will Timmy finally turn back to a human?

Will everyone in GCD get angelic halo's because Lanzer got drunk and started gifting them to everyone?
who knows.
but what do YOU think will happen in the next five years?

Gaia over the next five years, what will happen?


Case of Pietro will be finished this year. However, another EI will turn up that takes at least a year to finish even now.

Pete will probably become a multi-millionaire after discovering a previously hidden talent. He'll have to abandon it after he takes an arrow to the knee.

Timmy will remain an EI forever although somehow still make guest appearances now and again, especially in 2017 for the Gaia 10 year EI anniversary.

The GD forum will probably still be the same as it is today.

I think we'll all end up more interested in trading for the Backwings that are being worked on now than the halo. But who knows, maybe an obviously fake halo will come up as an April Fool's Day gift... like, one with strings on the ceiling or some other way to tell it is fake.

What Gaia will be like in five years depends mostly on how Gaia responds to its users. Assuming everything going on currently is still going on:

Premium/luxury EI's will go for 15 dollars instead of 999. Rare items will start getting sold every single year for $50-$100 a pop in the cash shop for a limited time, and despite all the complaining people will still buy them. Alchemy will still be there, but probably as a relic of the past when enough people just get sick of it OR if they finally release enough components to make anybody able to alchemize the first five levels which would kill the hoarders and their account value.

Site Feedback will still feature people complaining about Gaia and how their octo-core processors are being lagged by the coding in ZOMG. Most people using Gaia will likely be doing so on their cell phone, which by 2017 will resemble a mobile computer more than anything else. The interface to use Gaia on those new smartphones will probably cause more than a few problems as well.

Unfortunately for most, when the giant squids take over the world most of this will be irrelevant and you will all be in the salt mines!
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Gaia will release its own anime, "Gaian Cats", which updates with one episode every year or something like that, if they can be bothered; all other features will be thrown by the wayside in favour of this ultimately futile new project that favours kawaii neko desu desu wapanese morons of the next generation and doesn't even work outside of America due to copyright restrictions

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