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There is just no way
To describe my love for this
Site in just three lines.
wink heart
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Gaia is not as great
As it used to be years ago
Now it's a disease.
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4laugh a haiku by Aries7546 4laugh

Gaia so full of

fun friends forums and rad games

So cool and awesome

i was here, Gaia
When you needed me, Gaia
Your Welcome, Gaia
Oh the joy it brings
To see my friends on gaia
May this never end
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One of the best sites,
In all of the universe,
Gaia, with no doubt

Kiki and Coco
May not like each other, but
Love Gaia like fish ~
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Forever changing,
bringing us amazing sites,
Git-r-done Gaia!

- Numero uno
the gaian extroidanaire
Krush-Nazag the fair whee

I signed my Gai-ku
With another of my-kus
I can go all day dramallama
Diverse Character
Random fun, and nerdy ones
Gaia's just for me
All in common us,
are anime loving nerds
like a family
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great gaia and zomg
I will love you all day long
My great happiness

heart heart heart heart heart heart
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heart heart Always love Gaia, heart heart
ninja ninja Do so UNRELENTLESSLY ninja ninja
dramallama dramallama Gaia rocks my world! dramallama dramallama

- - Lane luvs kissing - -
Whenever I leave
Gaia has me coming back
Filled with excitement
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Aged Hunter

All day all night say
Gaia for me seems just right
Hip hip hooray yay!
Escape from real life,
A community of friends.
Smile fore Gaia

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