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White and Storge Blue/Coppery Gold Rosamund's Revenge - Everything that was black on the original would be colored to a nice pure white (not blue, not silver, just pure white). The gold accents would either stay the same, or be colored to match the coppery gold from the Storge. All of the dark pink hair would be colored to the Storge Blue, the light pink hair would be colored blonde (the same shade Winter used, just not on that hairstyle). The rest of the dark pink accents would also be colored Storge Blue.

Black and White Lovely/Little Lucie - I already have a petition up for this, but basically all gold will be colored silver, the legs true black, all the cream would be white, the hair would be black, the make up would be black, the apron would be black and white and so on. I have images of all of this in the link in my signature.

Dark Purple (like Wisteria), Black, Silver and Teal Dappy Dandy - Everything that is white would be turned black (and everything that was black would be white), all of the blue would be purple and all of the red would be teal. The gold accents would be silver. The female hair would be black, the lips would be either black or silver, the males hair/facial hair would be white (or silver), and any brown/tan poses would be silver or white. The female eyes would be purple and the males eyes would be teal.

Cutie and the Beast Make Up with the lips being Rosamund Pink or Deep Red - the rest of the make up would stay the same, just the lips would change colors.

Red Scarlet Mist lips - like the same red from the thumbnail of My Sweet Murder.

White, Navy and Coppery Gold String Ensemble - All black on the item would be pure white, the red would be navy (like Storge or the new Musketeer item), the gold and cream would be the Coppery Gold from Storge.

Angelic Blue Petit Cherie - like the one Winter posted, only the pink should be white.

Black, Rosamund Pink and White Classilke - All of the baby blue would be black, all of the dark blue would be white, and all of the yellow would be Rosamund pink.

Actual White, Red, Purple, Teal, Cream, etc Heavenly Unmentionables - pretty simple, the stockings layer amazingly and it's some of the best lingerie we have that has a full set, so more colors would be amazing.

Silver, Black and InsertColorHere Morpheus
- I ADORE the belt and use it often, but I don't always want to use gold, so I think if the belt was silver, it would be helpful. The robes would look nice in black and then the flowers could be whatever.

I don't know what colors I would want for these, but they are some of my favorite items and I'd adore a recolor; Pico. Urn, Reve Roulie, Princesse Honoré (yes I know it just came out), Berry Mouse Royale, Kottan Belle, Lady Jayne, Stolen Sapphires, Le Carousel, Duchess Delacour, Lyndexer's Journal, Plague Noir (with a white and pink Rat), Sublime Mademoiselle, Vivacenote, Masquerade, Opera Diva (maybe black?), Juno's Lace, Dainty Damsel, and I'd be here all day if I listed any more. These are just the ones I either use a lot or want to use but can't because the colors are restricting.
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Although I know they won't do it due to it being a sponsorship item and all, but I'd really love to see the Skittles glasses redone in one color poses.
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There are so many Items I'd love to see recolored.
And I can imagine the most of them to cost a fortune emotion_0A0
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Dappy dandy in green and brown. 3nodding

Bu tit shall never happen.
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    I would like a black recolor of Fallen Wish, Sassy Bass, and Gardener Twin Curls.
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Lady Alzebeta's SD+ doll hair in black. Riddle's SD+ doll hair in black. Every wig hair in black dammit
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I'd like a light or "exorcised" version of Wisteria.
Bunny was cute, but how cute would he be in white? Or better yet, brown/cream/beige? emotion_kirakira

My absolute dream would be to see it in light brown and dark green, instead of black and pale lavender. Although realistically they'd be more likely to make it white and mint/pink/something like that.
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A golden Titus The Lion.
That's the only recolour i really want
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~ yum_tea ~
Coffee Cat says:

I'd really like some stripey tails, like Tomo's Basket and the tiger tails, in different colors.

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( Got a petition, even )
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I think golden dragon would look nice in silver *_*

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The Cherubic Queen of Solair in black & red ~

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Butterfly's Lament in grey or some other fairly neutral color.

And selfishly, I want this recolor to be a super common drop, so I can have those shoes for like 300k emotion_kirakira
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Hmm, I'd like to see Classilke
in darker shades like brown and gray. Pink would be nice too.

Yes! I agree - White ROSAMUND RECOLOR would be great!
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Personally, there are 3 re-colors I would really want:

1. a black and red re-color of Inari's Beads
2. an actual black Monk's Robes (could easily be put into a future gold shop update)
3. a black version of Zhou Yu's staff (sponsor item...), or a black re-color of Sun Wukong (especially the staff and the pants) ninja

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