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I REALLY want a recolor of Fremere's Guard with green replacing the gold and purple instead of blue. I attempted to recolor some of the poses, but I don't think I did a very good job.

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Winter Hue

Those are some good recolours 3nodding

Though I'd like to note that I think the other Lunarian items should have the original Lunarian poses tacked onto them, if possible. I know nothing about the coding needed to do such a thing, but it's a pity that the gorgeous poses of the original Lunarian aren't included in the recolours. I know it's probably because they were crafted from Alchemy, but still ...

And as for my own recolour preferences ... Possibly the Gothic Veil. The purple of it is kinda hard to work with when going for extreme matchy-ness, but I wear it regardless because it's a nice item, and I wouldn't mind seeing it in other colours.

Maybe also the CN Scarf. I can kinda picture that in a vibrant blue or a green similar to the hair ribbon in the Bewitching Minstrel ...
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I'd like a re-color of Warden of Hell and Persephone.
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I'm just going to put this here...link

PINK MARIONETTE BANGS! burning_eyes WRY CAN'T WE HAS?! scream Also, now I want Icy marionette bangs... ninja

Also, Pink version of this hair. emotion_awesome
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I would really like to see a recolor of princess estelle with blue hair, and dice bunny with white as the base color and hair, that would make me really happy.
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I would love to see a Playful Succubus recolor heart
Preferably blue... mrgreen
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I would like to see Fallen Wish recolored with a "Jet the Kitten Star" color scheme.
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I'd love some rainbow stockings using the newer stocking model heart
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    i'd like a recolor to the item Jump Rope. i'd like it in different colors then just black. i think it'd look adorable pink or blue or something like that.
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Thanks for makin' this thread.
Hope it catches on.
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Recolor Memory Mortality
I want a Black Frost this time
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I would love a white/ light grey recolor of Black Lace.
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ANYTHING recolored with mint/a nice shade of green/indigo. Those colors are so nice! Juno's Lace recolored could only be spectacular!
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Black and Brown hair of Gogh Reed's Zero hair recolour would be very nice.
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Blue and silver Reve, or a purple and green Urn.

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